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“I’m a 21st century digital boy
I don’t know how to live but I’ve got a lot of toys”

—Bad Religion, Digital Boy (1990)

Lately there’s been a lot of this war stuff going on. On January 20, 2002, I got to watch two old boats go at it with cannon. We had a good time.

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Icy Rear View

—But could I stand
To leave this wine-dark sea untested? No!
I feel a restless spirit stir my limbs
For ill or good or naught I do not know
I want to try to find this land I’ve glimpsed
What Promised Land lies west? I itch to know
I say go on, plunge forward through the tossing seas
As long as you’re with me I won’t be lost
The only way to get there is to go
Throw the ballast overboard and go!

—Columbus at the Canary Islands