Goin’ Back to Cali

At noon Pacific Daylight Time on June 18, 2000, I returned to California, entering San Bernardino County after an absence of some duration.

This set of pages does not attempt to chronicle the journey west, nor to explain the causes of my drifts. All that can come later. For the time being, enough to offer a few scattered images I’ve collected since I returned.

I’ve tossed these up here rather haphazardly, without much thought in organizing the collection or dandying up the individual pictures. I’m still looking around a lot at Southern California, where I live again, and finding my angles. So these aren’t part of a coherent effort to catalog my new context; they’re just a few things that grabbed my eye.

Highway 127 . . . Desert . . . Town . . . Football
Balboa Island . . . Ferries and Pavilion . . . Beaches . . . Kim
New Year's . . . Bluesmobile . . . Whaling . . . The Prayer Wheel
Tall Ships . . . Santa Barbara Island Hop . . . Minding the Train

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