Henry Hammond

1782 - 3 November 1826

Maria Ackerman

23 September 1783 - 11-12 November 1821

Henry Romer Hammond

18 April 1810 - 23 April 1852
(baptized 8 May 1810, Esopus, New York?)
born Esopus, New York
died Pine Plains, New York
Burial Site

(1) Eliza Elmore

married 17 November 1834, Esopus, New York
27 October 1812 - 30 December 1840
born Esopus, New York

(2) Julia Annetta Pulver

married 23 December 1842
20 March 1818 - 7 August 1882

(1) Mary Elizabeth Hammond

23 October 1835 - 2 January 1886

(1) Margaret Ann Hammond

17 November 1837 - 10 March 1858

(1) Katharine Hammond

March 13, 1840 - August 22, 1908
married Richard DeWitt

(2) Nicholas Pulver Hammond

born 1 September 1843


From the Genealogical Society of Bergen County [New Jersey] page on Hammonds:

Henry Romer Hammond was born on 18 April 1810 at Esopus, NY. He was the son of Henry Hammond and Maria Ackerman. Henry Romer Hammond was born on 8 May 1810 at Esopus, NY. [sic—maybe baptized?] He married Eliza Elmore, daughter of James Trowbridge Elmore and Eliza Gay, on 17 November 1834 at Esopus, NY. Henry Romer Hammond married Julia Annetta Pulver, daughter of Nicholas Pulver, on 23 December 1842. Henry Romer Hammond died on 23 April 1852 at Pine Plains, NY, at age 42.

On the back of a small lined sheet of paper listing the births, deaths and marriages of Henry R Hammond's family is the following message:

August 24, 1877
My dear Dauter
I thougt I drop you fue lines with this Record I am well it seam verry lomeson since we have parted. I did ingoy my self wen we wos together Jonny(?) was rite in saing it seam lomsom wen we left it was verry lomesom wen you and May left if I haddent went A visiting I shore Id bin verry lomesom dear Katy I cant keep her out of my mind she has so mutch to bare dear girl she has one cumfort that is her dear Saveeour to look to he is A cumfort to yus all whot this world would be with out him.

Henry Romer Hammond was also known as Henry Romeo Hammond.


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Some information from Mary Sarah Bradley.

Some information from Mary V. DeWitt’s DeWitt Genealogy (privately published).

For a deeper look at the entire scope of the Hammond family, please see Page 558 of the Genealogical Society of Bergen County [New Jersey]’s Website:


As of February 2014, the current version of Page 558, dedicated to the Hammond family, had been most recently updated in November 2013. It includes a wealth of family links, sketch and detail information on many generations of Hammonds.

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