Wyoming '99: Saturday

My grandmother grew up in this house. At the time it was in the town of Laramie, at Fourth and Garfield, a couple of blocks from where her father's department store stood. Sometime in the late '70s, someone bought it, put it on a truck and carried it out here to the middle of the plains, across the interstate and over some from town.

My grandmother remembered fondly the games she and her sister would play in the tower room when she was a little girl.

When the house was moved out onto the plains, the old carved-wood mantlepiece was taken from the livingroom fireplace and propped up in the offices of the Laramie Daily Boomerang, where it still stands (we visited it while we were there). My mother has old pictures that show Grandmother as a little girl and the rest of her family inside this house.

In the time since Grandmother moved out, the house has had a varied history. Some say it is haunted. She went back to visit Laramie periodically, but never wanted to go back into the house. We didn't go in either.

We said goodbye to Grandmother's house and to Laramie, then we hit the road.

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