Yo 2003

Wawona view

In 2003 the family grouped again at Yosemite. Here are a few pictures of some of the people who were there.

This page is almost all images, and if you’re on a dial-up line it will take a while to load.


Picture by Julianne, who borrowed my camera a few times with great results.

Doug, Julianne, Lauren Diana

Picture on the right by Julianne.

Sign about scrambling


Lauren Paul and Doug

Diana, Lauren, Doug

Jess and Franklin

Click the two pictures above for bigger versions.

Lauren, Diana The Herd

Belinda, Howard, Diana, Paul


Doug (Julianne)

Picture by Julianne.

Chris Cathy Munster

Picture on left by Julianne. The picture on the right is what Cathy’s kids can expect to look like as they grow older.


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