A Few New Ones

Over the years, as I’ve learned more about manipulating images onscreen, I’ve returned again and again to the well of photos I’ve taken at Yosemite. (These were taken over the course of three family Thanksgiving trips.) Ansel Adams is no slight inspiration when you’re at Yosemite, though I tend to work in a different direction, and of course would never compare the quality of my work to his masterful way of capturing the environment in a whole new light. This is not an exhaustive collection, just a few pictures that I have lying around on a hard drive.

Not too far from Yosemite Lodge, I found this redwood willing to pose for me in the snow. Thanksgiving 1994.

Ansel Adams took pictures of this remarkable Jeffrey pine high up overlooking the valley, back when the tree was still alive. In death, it is no less beautiful. Thanksgiving 1995. Update: In autumn 2003, the dead tree finally fell.

Same tree, different take. Thanksgiving 1995.

El Capitan hid shyly behind the trees, but when the light was right I was able to squeeze off a shot without startling it. Thanksgiving 1995.

The steep walls of the valley make dramatic backdrops for any foreground. Thanksgiving 1995.

Behind O’Shaughnessy Dam is one of the main reservoirs of the Hetch-Hetchy aqueduct system, which provides water for the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanksgiving 1992.

This is another shot of sunset up by the Fissures. I particularly like this one because of the safety railing up at the end of the cliff. Anywhere else along the edge, you can fall off, but for one brief spot, you’re protected. Of course, that’s the smallest detail, and the real grandeur of the site comes from what nature provided, not man’s puny addition. (Click on the picture for a larger image.) Thanksgiving 1995.

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