Savage Canyon Expedition 2001: Havasu Canyon

I think these pictures are actually in reverse order here, so until I get around to changing it all around, you might want to start with the last one and work your way to the first. Click on any small image to see the larger version.

The pictures are from the hike out at Havasu Canyon. The very tall waterfall is the one we had to use ladders to get around. That was about six hours from where we left the boats. (We were supposed to meet the incoming party at Beaver Falls, about three hours from where we left the boats. The best laid plans of mice and men sound good on paper.)

After the waterfall, the group returning to the boat decided to turn around again, since the people we were supposed to meet were nowhere to be found. After another hour’s hike, Ed and Tony found the missing parties, who had never left their base camp in the morning. Ed and Tony got a helicopter ride the rest of the way out of the canyon, and Elizabeth DeWitt, who was replacing Ed, got a ride down to the boats, while her escorts walked another six hours back down the trail we’d come up.

As a result, Ed got a chance to take plenty of pictures of this beautiful waterfall from the helicopter.

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