The Iceberg Lake Hike

Skunk Cabbage
We found plenty of this along the trail. Wildflowers also were in bloom.

A Fine Hiking Day
The weather was very mild, a bit chilly at first, but warmer as we hiked.

How Deep the Snow
By the time we got to the top of the trail, we were walking on thick snow. Franklin was able to put the stick he's holding all the way down into the snow before it hit dirt. Remember, this was in late June. That's how glaciers are formed.

Iceberg Lake
Other than fissures along the banks, the lake was frozen over completely.

Three Billy Goats Gruff
On the way back down, we saw three mountain goats, molting fur. One came right up close to us, nibbling tendrils from the high mountain plants along the way. As he nibbled, he left ragged twigs behind. As he meandered along through the brush, the twigs would scrape up against him, and he'd leave tufts of hair clinging all along the path he'd chewed.

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