1995 Anna & Doug Road Trip

We kept a journal as we traveled, and we took a few pictures. Here's what we came back with:

Page One: Thursday, June 22, 1995 & Friday, June 23, 1995
Spokane; Ronan, Montana; Rocky Mountains; Flathead Lake; Nightfall; Glacier National Park; Many Glacier Lodge
Download time: 1:28
(or try alternate version of Page One, including a map, updated 4/96)

Side Trip: Iceberg Lake hike (Friday, June 23, 1995)
Download time: 1:17

Page Two: Saturday, June 24, 1995
Alberta, Canada; Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Provincial Historical Site
Download time: 1:18

Page Three: Sunday, June 25, 1995
Lake Louise; Icefield Parkway; Athabasca Glacier; Athabasca Falls; Jasper (Becker's Cabins)
Download time: 0:46

Page Four: Monday, June 26, 1995
Jasper; Hiking and Beavers
Download time: 0:52

Page Five: Tuesday, June 27, 1995 & Wednesday, June 28, 1995
Wildlife in Jasper and on the Icefield Parkway; Farewell to the Rockies; Going Back Home
Download time: 3:08 (lots of wildlife pictures)
(alternate Page Five with no pictures)

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