Goin’ Back to Cali: Town

Here’s some California. This is sunset out my west-facing window.

A New York friend asked (somewhat jealously, I fear) whether I truly was issued a personal palm tree at the border. Not quite, but this picture of my porch shows how far the nearest palm stands. Also featured: my barbecue, and the plants, which (all!) made it successfully out of New York in the back of a pickup and are in fine fettle after a 3,000-mile journey under a tarp. They’re all growing robustly again. (And don’t miss the barbecue tools hanging over the rail, kindly provided as a housewarming gift by my cousin Leslie.)

Not my porch. This is a baghouse.

Since arriving, I’ve started working on a little 24-foot sailboat my uncle Dick left behind when he died. You can see it here, roughly in the center of the picture, in amongst all the other boats—you'll recognize it by its three red stacks.

Here’s my little boat without all the other boats in between. I hope to get it sailing soon.

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