A partial listing of what's in the site:

The fonts are whatever you have on your own computer. Some pages call for sans-serif fonts. Many pages will just use your browser's settings.

The earliest pages on this site were originally composed using SimpleText on a Mac IIsi. Further development was also done on a Mac PowerBook 520. Currently the development platform is a Mac 8500/120 with a PowerLogix PowerForce G3 adjustable-speed upgrade card.

The site is managed with Adobe GoLive 4.0, formerly GoLive Cyberstudio 3.0.

Photos, mostly taken from Kodak PhotoCDs, are manipulated in Adobe Photoshop 4.0, LemkeSoft GraphicConverter 3.4, and Transparency 1.0.

The site is previewed using Netscape Communicator 4.5. It's designed to work with almost any browser, though some pages will be enhanced if you have a browser that supports more recent HTML features like frames and cascading style sheets.

Matching colors from one computer to another is at best an approximate science, but this site is prepared on a Mac, using the Mac Standard Gamma control panel setting (Mac OS 8.6), with millions of colors on a Trinitron tube. Default monitor settings for Windows machines are usually a little darker. Most of these pages should still look fine on most machines, though. For pages that have lots of pictures on them, you might want to make sure your monitor is set to use more than 256 colors, if that's an option for you.

The site is served with Redhat Linux Apache; the service provider is Interland.

Almost all the art, text and page design on this site are by Doug Bradley. Other contributors have been noted in various parts of the site. All site contents should be treated as copyrighted material. If you wish to use anything from this site, or if you see anything on this site that shouldn't be here, please let MrJumbo know.

Updated Sunday, September 19, 1999

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