Graceland V: Planes

Along with all the stuff in the museums--cars, clothes, household memorabilia--they also have a couple of the King's planes parked outside.

little plane shot

As you leave each segment of the Elvis Experience, you are required to pass through another gift shop. It's funny, but you really get the impression after touring the house that the King himself might not have set things up that way. His own house was not as kitschy and over the top as you might expect. But the museum, and the whole enterprise with its souvenir-heavy commercialism, does have the schlock feel.

big plane interior w/Alex

They let you stroll through one plane (the Lisa Marie), and look into another. The plane was big enough to fit a bunch of people very comfortably, but probably nowhere near the size it would take to pack a whole tour's worth of stage equipment, roadies, etc.

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