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MrJumbo likes to go on trips and take pictures. When he comes home, sometimes he converts the pictures for use as desktop backgrounds on his Mac. Here are some JPEG files sized for a large computer monitor, suitable for use as desktop backgrounds on either Mac or Windows machines.

All images copyright Doug Bradley.

God CloudsLogpileLeer fieldsKensington HouseYosemite treeB&O terminalIndioscapeNew York buildingsGrand Canyon rainbowGrand CanyonChelsea sunriseFlatiron snowElvis InnEl CapitanCemetery DogwoodDogwood 2Cemetery snow23rd StreetMadigan cloudsYosemite grove

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Click on an image to download it.

If the picture shows up in your browser instead of downloading to your desktop, you can just drag the picture from your browser to your desktop. (This works in Netscape on Mac systems, anyhow. Give it a shot in Windows—might work the same.)

Another way to download the picture is to point the mouse at the picture, then click the button and hold it down till a menu pops up. The menu should give you several options. One of these options should let you save the file to your hard drive.

To use these once you've downloaded them:

ON THE MAC: Depending on what OS version you're using, you change your Desktop background with the Desktop Pictures control panel or the Appearances control panel.

Once you have the control panel open (in either case) and you’ve chosen the “Desktop Pictures” option, you can select a picture to use as a background for everything you do.

The easiest way to select the picture is to drag the icon for the file you’ve just downloaded from the (real) Desktop onto the little computer screen in the control panel.

What I like to do: Put a bunch of pictures in a folder, then drag the folder icon onto the control panel, instead of dragging an icon for an individual picture. What does this do? It tells the computer to pick a random picture from this folder each time you restart the Mac, instead of giving you the same picture every time.

WINDOWS 95: In the Display control panel, on the Background tab, you can click the Browse button to pick any picture you want to use for a desktop background. There may be a way to randomize this. I don’t use Windows enough to know.

OTHER OPERATING SYSTEMS: There’s probably a way to change your desktop image, but I don’t use any other OSes, so I don’t know.

Good luck, and enjoy the pictures!

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