Teunis Ghysbert Bogart

1689 - 1768
b. Staten Island, New York

Catherine Hegeman

Birth Date - d. before 1767
b. New Lots, New York

Isaac Bogart Sr.

October 13, 1718 - December 31, 1796
b. Staten Island, New York
Buried January 2, 1797 (prob. died East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York or thereabouts--maybe Oyster Bay? Wolver Hollow? see related page)

Sarah Rapalje

m. November 17, 1742, Flatbush Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York
April 28, 1724 - April 28, 1786

Isaac Bogart Jr.

March 10, 1754 - Death Date
Born East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York?
m. Annetje Hoogland


Born in Staten Island, New York, Isaac would have moved to Bushwyck, Brooklyn, New York, at 12 years of age in 1730 when his father, a weaver, sold the Staten Island property and moved back to Bushwyck, where Isaac's grandfather and great-grandfather had lived. His father's will divided the property principally between two other brothers, though Isaac is mentioned too.

Isaac became the founder of the Oyster Bay, Long Island (New York), clan of Bogarts. His father has been erroneously credited with being the founder, but he actually died in Bushwyck, Brooklyn, New York. Isaac was the one who moved to Oyster Bay.

The Bogart property in East Woods is mentioned in several accounts when highways change (many still run their old courses) or when property changes hands. In 1757 Isaac was elected a commissioner of highways, around the same time he was petitioning to have a highway moved so he didn't have to trespass or detour a few miles around someone else's property to reach it.

The local Reformed Dutch Church, in Wolver Hollow, was organized in 1732, though the church edifice itself was not built till 1734. On December 8, 1787, Isaac was elected a deacon of the church; on October 21, 1792, he became an elder when his son Isaac Jr. became a deacon. The Wolver Hollow pastor named Rev. Bogart was a very distant cousin, via the Harlem Bogarts, whose progenitor was a cousin of Teunis Bogart, the first of this line of Bogarts in America.

On May 29, 1775, Isaac Bogart Sr. was appointed a member of the Constitutional Congress from Oyster Bay, to carry out the resolutions of the Congress. The committee was in session at Daniel Cox's at Matinecock when it was informed of the Battle of Brooklyn. At once, everyone rushed home except Isaac Bogart Jr. and Joost Monfoort, who took leave of their families, jumped onto a couple of horses and rode off to Huntington, crossed Long Island Sound by boat, and joined the Continental Army under Colonel Brinkerhof in Dutchess County.

Isaac and his wife had nine children, whose names are documented in the Bogart genealogy (and will eventually appear here too).

Sarah Rapalje, Isaac's wife, was a great-great-great-granddaughter of Sarah Rapalje, the first white woman born in the Dutch colonies in America. Isaac was a great-grandson of the same woman.


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Information about descent from Sarah Rapalje from Alice Holliday (see her page for further notes).

The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants. compiled by John Albert Bogart, entered Library of Congress 1959, privately printed by Haddon Craftsmen Inc., Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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