Helmus Bogart

February 23, 1785 (bap. Mar. 13, 1785) - August 20, 1847
Born East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York (Oyster Bay Township)

Sarah Walters

November 22, 1790 - November 21, 1854
b. Brooklyn, New York?

Annetta (Annetje) Bogart

August 29, 1813 - March 24, 1893
Born in New York City
Died in Laramie, Wyoming

Eli Holliday

Marriage Date & Place
October 21, 1822 - November 22, 1868
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio

James E. Holliday

April 12, 1842 - November 3, 1887
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
Spouse Name

William Helmus Holliday

May 21, 1843 - February 20, 1925
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio
First Wife: Emily R. Coykendall
Second Wife: Sarah Elizabeth East

Jethro Tabor Holliday

December 29, 1844 - September 20, 1910
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio
Spouse Name

Elwood Clark Holliday

1847 - 1918
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
Spouse Name

Mary Annetta (“Kate”) Holliday

September 16, 1849 - July 27, 1920
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
married Frank Kibler

Sarah Elizabeth (“Lida”) Holliday

December 10, 1851 - July 31, 1911
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
married N.T. Webber


Annetje’s parents moved to New York from the Bogart family land out in Oyster Bay, Long Island, for about three years, during which time Annetje was born. Then they moved back to Oyster Bay. In 1820 Annetje’s father drove a team to Cincinnati, Ohio, taking the family with him. Annetje would have been seven years old at the time. (See notes on her father's page.)

Helen East Holliday DeWitt wrote [link removed—ask Webmaster], “Annetta Bogart Holliday was a real Wyoming pioneer, coming West in 1870 with her sons and daughters in spite of the fact that her husband, Eli Holliday, who had preceded her, had died at Sherman, near Laramie in 1868. Although almost 60 years of age, she acquired a ranch near Virginia Dale, which she managed personally.”

Eli had actually left Ohio in 1852 to head for California, returning in 1855, then leaving again in 1858 for Douglas County, Illinois, then Jackson County (for more detail, see his page). So Annetta was used to running the family and the farm on her own. Of her sons, at least William Helmus (“W.H.”) was already in Wyoming Territory by the time she moved there; Jethro (“J.T.”) may have been there as well.

One source refers to her (erroneously?) as “Mary Annetta (Bogart) Holliday.”


Photos from an envelope labeled with Annetta’s name are below, along with a copy of what is written on the envelope. Although the envelope indicates that a photo of Annetta should be inside, none of the photos seem to be of her.

(The photos in this page are full-size scans, displayed at one-tenth size. To see more detail in any of them, you can download them or open them in a separate browser window. They do not link to larger copies. They are themselves the larger copies.)

The envelope:


more envelope notes

Probably Kate and Lida, but unclear which is which:

Kate and Lida?

The backs of these “cartes de visite,” a smaller precursor to the “cabinet cards” of he 1870s and 1880s, indicate that they were taken in Carbondale, Illinois, which is in Jackson County. Eli evidently headed for Illinois in 1858 (see narrative above), but he first settled in Douglas County, then moved to Jackson County. Annetta, after Eli died, is said to have moved the family to Wyoming in 1870. Judging from the apparent age of the girls in the photos, if they are Kate and Lida, it would seem that these pictures were taken closer to 1870 than to 1858.

The approximate size of each mounted photo is 2.5" by 4".

J.C. Hughes, the photographer, would likely have been related to Benjamin F. Hughes, who was known to be active in Carbondale in 1864-65 (Illinois State Gazeteer and Business Directory, p. 179) and in the 1870s. (See Langdon Road Website list of early photographers, retrieved August 19, 2018.)

backs of photos

An unidentified young man:

young man (identity unknown)

back of card

None of the Holliday or Bogart connections really connect to Edina. Any guess is possible. The photo size again is approximately 2.5" x 4".

A presumably older tintype (ferrotype), actually printed on a black-enameled metal plate, approx. 2.5" x 3.5":

Dilistia Clark?

The label on the back of the paper frame holding the photo (which has been visbly retouched, to add a cross on a necklace and possibly some decoration on the dress), identifies it as “Dilistia Clark,” not a name I can connect to this family. The closest I come is to say that Annetta has a son named Elwood Clark Holliday, so the Clark name must come from somewhere. From the Holliday side? (What was Eli’s mother’s family name?) The Bogart side? And who is Dilistia?

back of tintype says "Dilistia Clark, her picture"

Dilistia, framed


The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants. compiled by John Albert Bogart, entered Library of Congress 1959, privately printed by Haddon Craftsmen Inc., Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Also see notes [link removed—ask Webmaster] typed by Helen East Holliday DeWitt.

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