Helmus Bogart

February 23, 1785 (bap. Mar. 13, 1785) - August 20, 1847
Born East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York (Oyster Bay Township)

Sarah Walters

November 22, 1790 - November 21, 1854
b. Brooklyn, New York?

Mary Elizabeth Bogart [Fagaly]

May 19, 1816 (East Woods, Long Island, New York) – February 24, 1886
{603} in Bogart Family (see Sources below)
buried in Zion Churchyard (see photos below)

Jacob Abraham Fagaly

married December 24, 1838, presumably in Zion Church, Hamilton County, Ohio
born February 14, 1815, Hamilton County, Ohio
died April 12, 1886, Hamilton County, Ohio
buried in Zion Churchyard (see pictures below)

George Fagaly

1839 - 1841
Born in Place

Sarah Fagaly

1841 - 1923
Born in Place

Valentine Fagaly (son)

1843 - 1931
Born in Place
married in 1866 to Harriet Flinchpaugh

Theodore Fagaly

1846 - ??
Born in Place
died young?

Mary Elizabeth Fagaly

1852 - 1941
Born in Place


From Bob Fagaly (robert.fagaly at gmail.com):

JACOB ABRAHAM FAGALY was the the youngest son of George Mathias FAGALY and Rosalia Eberhardia TILGER. Jacob was born February 14, 1815, in Hamilton County. He lived his entire life near the home, where he was born, becoming a member of the Zion Church, which his mother helped found.

Jacob married Mary Elizabeth BOGART on December 24, 1838. She was the daughter of Helmus BOGART and Sarah WALTERS and was born May 19, 1816, in East Wood's Long Island

It was at his home, that his mother Rosalia died of pneumonia in 1849. His family can be found in the 1850-1860-1870 and 1880 census in Miami Township. Mary Elizabeth died February 24, 1886 and Jacob died a few months later, on April 12, 1886 and were buried in the Zion Churchyard.

Valentine’s siblings were George (1839-1841) and Sarah (1841-1923), then Valentine (1843-1931), Theodore (1846-?—I suspect he dies young as there is no other mention in the family history.) and Mary Elizabeth (1852-1941).


Photos from Bob Fagaly (robert.fagaly at gmail.com), who kindly shared them with the following notes:

Attached are JPEGs of Mary Elizabeth Bogart Fagaly, her husband, Jacob Fagaly, their son Valentine Fagaly, along with Jas Bogart and Will Bogart. The photos came from a Civil War Era photo album that I purchased from a Museum in KY (who had found it on eBay). Unfortunately, the eBay seller knew nothing about the origin of the album. I do have the originals (along with a number of other photos of various Fagaly’s who were not Bogarts).

Jas bogart might be the James Bogart {606} mentioned on page 217 of the Bogart Family book.

The only William Bogart (of an appropriate age) I could find in the Bogart Family book (from the Ohio Branch) was William {615] who was killed in 1861.

I have always assumed that these photographs were taken around 1864. Valentine was married in 1966 to Harriet Flinchpaugh (I have the Bible that was their wedding present) and I would assume that if the photographs had been taken after 1865, they might have included a photo of Harriet Flinchpaugh. Also, the photo of Valentine shows an appearance of someone in his late teens. Now that I think of it, if the photo of William was taken at the same time as the others, then the attached photos would be from mid-1861.

Mary Elizabeth Bogart Fagaly

Mary Elizabeth Bogart Fagaly

Jacob Fagaly

Jacob Fagaly

Valentine Fagaly

Valentine Fagaly

Will Bogart (“brother of Jim, killed in the war”)

Will Bogart (“brother of Jim, killed in the war”)

Uncle Jas. Bogart

Uncle Jas. Bogart

Please click on any of the pictures above to see a larger version of the same picture.

Please click on any of the pictures above to see a larger version of the same picture.


The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants. compiled by John Albert Bogart, entered Library of Congress 1959, privately printed by Haddon Craftsmen Inc., Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Bob Fagaly (great-great-grandson)

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