Isaac Bogart Sr.

October 13, 1718 - December 31, 1796
b. Staten Island, New York

Sarah Rapalje

April 28, 1724 - April 28, 1786

Isaac Bogart Jr.

March 10, 1754 - April 17, 1812
Born East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York?
Buried at East Hillside Cemetery, Old Brookeville, New York (see related page):
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Annetje Hoogland

Marriage Date & Place
Birth Date - Death Date

Helmus Bogart

February 23, 1785 (baptized at Wolver Hollow Church, March 13, 1785) - August 20, 1847
Born East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York (Oyster Bay Township)
m. Sarah Walters


On May 29, 1775, Isaac Bogart Sr. was appointed a member of the Constitutional Congress from Oyster Bay, to carry out the resolutions of the Congress. The committee was in session at Daniel Cox's at Matinecock when it was informed of the Battle of Brooklyn. At once, everyone rushed home except Isaac Bogart Jr. and Joost Monfoort, who took leave of their families, jumped onto a couple of horses and rode off to Huntington, crossed Long Island Sound by boat, and joined the Continental Army under Colonel Brinkerhof in Dutchess County.

On October 21, 1792, Isaac Bogart Sr. became an elder on the same day Isaac Jr. became a deacon in the Wolver Hollow Dutch Reformed Church.

All the Bogarts up to this point probably spoke Dutch rather than English. Isaac's son Helmus, it is said, spoke only Dutch until he was seven years old (see Alice Holliday's notes about the family).


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The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants. compiled by John Albert Bogart, entered Library of Congress 1959, privately printed by Haddon Craftsmen Inc., Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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