Ghysbert Bogaerdt

Birth Date - Death Date
b. Netherlands


Birth Date - Death Date

Theunis Ghysbertse Bogaerdt

1625 - 1699
b. Heykoop, South Holland, Netherlands
Burial Site

Teunis born in Heykoop, Netherlands, 1625, baptized South Holland, came to America in 1652, early settler of Brooklyn. Married Sarah Rapalje in New Amsterdam in 1654, widow of Hans Hansen Bergen, born in Albany, NY June 7, 1625. Joris Janzen Rapalje and Catalyna Trico, a Parisian who came here with first Dutch in 1624. Sarah R. died 1685.

Sarah Jorissen Rapalje

Married 1654 New Amsterdam
June 7, 1625 - 1685
b. Albany, New York
first white woman born in New Amsterdam

Ghysbert Teunisze Bogaert

baptized New Amsterdam, December 5, 1668 - died after 1632
b. Wallabout, Brooklyn, New York
m. Jannetje Symonson van Arsdale


Teunis (spelled various ways) was the first North American ancestor of many of today's American Bogarts (including Humphrey Bogart). He came to the Dutch colonies at New Amsterdam in 1652 and was one of the earliest settlers of Brooklyn.

After Sarah Rapalje died, Teunis married again, again marrying a widow.

Teunis had many daughters, but his only son was Ghysbert.

More information is available about further Dutch ancestors. Other Bogart cousins also came to the American colonies and settled nearby, in Harlem and elsewhere.

Helen East Holliday DeWitt wrote [link removed—ask Webmaster] (transcribing from somewhere): "He was one of five men to petition to plant a village on East River opposite Manhattan--a village which is now Brooklyn. In Holland, whither the ancestors of the Bogart family are said to have fled from France during the Hugenot persecution, they were Van den or Oytten Boogaerdt."


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The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants. compiled by John Albert Bogart, entered Library of Congress 1959, privately printed by Haddon Craftsmen Inc., Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Also see notes [link removed—ask Webmaster] typed by Helen East Holliday DeWitt.

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