Andries DeWitt

TGE 2. i. Family 2.
1657 - July 22, 1710
Born in Manhattan, New York [?]
Buried in Kingston, New York

Jennetje Egbertsen

January 11, 1664 - November 23, 1733
born in Nieu Jorck

Egbert DeWitt

TGE 24. xi. Family 15.
March 18, 1699 (likely, per family Bible) - July 13, 1761
baptized 9 April 1699
parents: Andries de Wit, Jannetje Egberts
witnesses: Franciscus Salesburry, Lydia de Meyer (according to Old Dutch Church records; the family Bible says the witnesses on March 18 were “Jacob and Wijntiei de Witt, widow of Jan de Witt,” but see baptism record of Egbert’s brother Johannes, MVDW 25. Jan de Witt, MVDW 6, writes his will 29 October 1700, so Wyntje Kiersted likely is not his widow yet in 1699)
baptized in Kingston
burial location
Find-A-Grave says buried at Old Dutch Churchyard in Kingston, but no pictures of grave. Unclear whether that’s just a guess or whether it comes from some actual record. His father, Andries, is buried at the Old Dutch Church; they have his stone. Most of Egbert’s kids are buried other places. Napanoch would make sense for Egbert, but anything’s possible.

Evans (p. 7) says “He settled at Napanoch, in the town of [Wawarsing], Ulster County . . . [His] daughter, Mary, married Gen. James Clinton, and became the mother of Gov. De Witt Clinton.”

Mary Nottingham

married 4 November 1726, in Kingston, first time for both, “both resid. in Ulster County” (see family Bible record)
19 May 1704 - died January 1759
daughter of William Nottingham and Margaret Rutsen
Egbert’s brother Andries marries Mary’s sister Bredjen.
burial location

Dr. Andries DeWitt

MVDW 126
TGE 109. i. Family 37.
baptized 15 October 1727 - died 30 September 1799
birthplace (marriage record says Marbletown)
married 24 April 1748 Jennetje Vernooy at location (Wawarsing)
burial location
(Du Bois Burying Ground, Springtown, Ulster County, per Find-A-Grave)
Evans, p. 12, says Andries died in New Paltz.

Jacob Rutsen DeWitt

MVDW 127
TGE 110. ii. Family 38.
baptized 13 April 1729 - died 1792
married 15 April 1756 Jennetje DePuy at location
(his brother Reuben marries Elizabeth DePuy, 16 years later)
burial location

Evans, p. 12, says Jacob Rutsen DeWitt moved to Sullivan County (now Orange County), “where he purchased land on the Navesink River” (probably today’s Neversink). See his page for more details.

William DeWitt

MVDW 128
TGE 111. iii. Family 39.
baptized 1731 - death date
married 30 May 1762 Susanna Chambers at location
burial location

John Egbert DeWitt

MVDW 129
TGE 112. iv. Family 40.
baptized 19 September 1733 - death date
married 26 October 1765 Catharine Newkirk at location
burial location

Stephen E. DeWitt

MVDW 130
TGE 113. v. Family 41.
baptized 14 December 1735 - death date (8 April 1812, per Find-A-Grave)
married 8 December 1770 Wyntie Brodhead (1746-1830) at location
burial location (Wawarsing Cemetery, per Find-A-Grave)

Mary DeWitt

MVDW 131
TGE 114. vi. Family 42.
baptized 5 September 1737 - died 12 September 1795
married 18 February 1765 General James Clinton at location
mother of Governor DeWitt Clinton
burial location (Woodlawn Cemetery, New Windsor, Orange County, New York, per Find-A-Grave)

Egbert DeWitt

MVDW 132
TGE 115. vii.
baptized 1 April 1739
marriage date and location
burial location (see, possibly, Find-A-Grave page that claims to be this Egbert, though birth date doesn’t match)

Major Thomas DeWitt

MVDW 133
TGE 116. viii. Family 43.
baptized 3 May 1741 - died 7 September 1809
married 28 February 1782 Elsie Hasbrouck at location
burial location (Old Dutch Churchyard in Kingston, per Find-A-Grave)

Evans, p. 12, says Thomas moved after the Revolutionary War from Marbletown to Twaalskill, now part of Kingston. See Thomas’s page for more detail.

Benjamin DeWitt

MVDW 134
TGE 117. ix.
baptized 19 January 1743 - death date
marriage date and location
burial location

Lieut. Reuben DeWitt

MVDW 135
TGE 118. x. Family 44.
born 6 October 1745 - baptized 20 October 1745 - died 17 July 1800 (?)
(Evans, p. 13, says baptism is in Napanoch Church Records. It is actually the very first baptism recorded in the Wawarsing church records, which include Napanoch. See Sources below.)
married 11 November 1772 Elizabeth DePuy (1753-1820) at location (Wawarsing?)
(his brother Jacob marries Jennetje DePuy, 16 years earlier)
(Elizabeth’s baptism is recorded in Rochester, Ulster County, church records; see Reuben’s page for more details.)
burial location (Wawarsing Cemetery, per Find-A-Grave)


Notes from Dick Rose page:

Egbert settled at Napanoch, in the town of Warwarsing, Ulster County, and had a family of ten children - nine sons and one daughter. The daughter, Mary, married Gen. James Clinton, and became the mother of Gov. Dewitt Clinton. Witnesses at baptism: Franciscus Salesburry, Lydia DeMeyer His will, dated July 13, 1758, was probated May 7, 1761. It was here [Napanoch] that a lead mine was discovered and operated throughout the revolution. [See WikiTree page on Wawarsing.] He married Mary, daughter of William Nottingham and granddaughter of Colonel Jacob Rutzen. They had ten children, and the last of these was Mary, who married, February, 1765, Colonel James Clinton, father of Governor DeWitt Clinton.

Further observation: Only Reuben, baptized 1745, was listed in the Napanoch records. It’s not clear when Egbert moved there. Egbert was one of the founders of the church, and Reuben’s baptism is the very first recorded in the church records.



Information is from Mary Veldran DeWitt’s “The DeWitt Genealogy: Descendants of Tjereck Claessen DeWitt of Ulster County, New York.”

Further notes from Andries DeWitt Bible (not available in print, but see photos at link above and on Andries’ page), courtesy of the Matthew Ten Eyck DeWitt Family Collection.

Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York (formerly named Wiltwyck, and often familiarly called Esopus or ’Sopus), for One Hundred and Fifty Years from their commencement in 1660. Transcribed and edited by Roswell Randall Hoes, Chaplain U.S.N., corresponding secretary of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, etc. New York 1891; original publication De Vinne Press, New York; available today from Higginson Book Co., Salem, Mass., 508-745-7170. Detailed information about baptisms has been filled in through the end of 1687, marriages through 1701. More information is available. Records begin 1660. Other baptisms may have taken place in Hurley and other locations nearby; also from time to time itinerant ministers would travel through and perform various rites, not always entered in the books. This is available online at

Thomas Grier Evans, The De Witt Family of Ulster County, New York (reprinted from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, October 1886), New York: Trow’s Printing and Bookbinding Co., 201-213 East Twelfth Street, 1886. Available online from Evans’s work, reprinted in 1886 up to the point where it left off in Volume XVIII of the Record, was continued in 1890 (Volume XXI, commencing on p. 185) with additional names and family numbering. The reprinted portion includes names of descendants to the fourth generation; the extension shows their descendants, the fifth generation, with considerable further biographical information on some. This later addition to Evans’s work (he also published details on other families that intermarried with DeWitts in Ulster County, including Crispells, Bruyns, and others) extended into Volume XXII (January 1891, pp. 3-6). (I include here links to some publicly available copies of the individual issue and articles from the Record, but a better way to get access to it and a wealth of other genealogical resources, in addition to supporting genealogical research in general, is to join the NYGBS itself.)

Marbletown, New York, baptism records at

Invaluable church records for this line are in Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716-1830, from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (Vol. V in their “Collections” series, originally published in 1913, and re-released (in cooperation with the Genealogy Society of Sussex County, New Jersey) in 1992 by Heritage Books, Bowie, Maryland (ISBN 1-55613-556-4), available today on and in other online repositories. Thanks to Sarah DeWitt for this link. Note that Dingman Versteeg, who was involved in preserving the old town council minutes from Kingston, was also involved in transcribing these records (free registration required). The introduction to the NYGBS volume is worth reading for background in disentangling the intertwining connections among the nearby communities, including some hints about where missing family graves may be found.

Napanoch Church Records should be somewhere (possibly titled Wawarsing). And sure enough, the Kerckelick Protocoll voor de Gemeynte van Wawarssinck (Church Record for the Congregation of Wawarsing), starting with the church’s dedication on 20 October 1745, was collected and transcribed separately by both the Holland Society and the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, which published the results in the Record, Volume 50, 1919 (available at, starting on Page 7 with a brief history of the church and of the transcription efforts. The NYGBS transcription is edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh; he refers in his introduction to Dingman Versteeg’s 1898 transcription for the Holland Society. (Also worth a look: The Wikitree One Place Study of Wawarsing Hamlet, which gives a good concise history of the place with genealogy in mind, mentioning family names, some historical points of interest, and neighboring villages.) The transcription was extensive, running through all four issues of the Record in 1919 and on into Volume 51 in 1920. The very first baptism recorded in the record is that of MVDW 135 Ruben, the son of Egbert DeWitt (MVDW 24, one of the founders of the congregation) and Maria Nottingham. Wawarsing church records can be found in New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Record, Vols. 50 and 51 (1919 and 1920), transcribed and edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh (thanks WikiTree for this note).

I have not found a great online source for church records for Rochester in Ulster County, though baptisms from 1795 to 1809 can be found at Earlier records have apparently been transcribed—by both Dingman Versteeg and Jean Worden—and published at least in a limited edition, but copies are difficult to come by, so far.

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