Charles DeWitt

MVDW 137
TGE 120. ii. Family 45.
1727 - August 2, 1787
buried in Old Hurley Burial Ground, Ulster County, New York

Blandina DuBois

married 20 December 1754
1731 - November 4, 1765
buried at Old Hurley Burial Ground, Ulster County, New York

Gerritt (Garret?) DeWitt

MVDW 384
TGE 312. iv.
August 8, 1762 - February 5, 1846
baptized 15 August 1762 as Gerret in Old Dutch Church in Kingston, New York
parents: Charles Dewit, Blandina Dubois
witnesses: Coenrad Dubois, Gerretje Dubois
Buried in Old Hurley Burying Ground, Hurley, New York

Catharine Ten Eyck

Married 15 November 1786 at Old Dutch Church in Kingston, New York
[MVDW and TGE say 18 November; church record says the 15th]:
Gerret DeWitt, j.m., and Catharina Ten Eyk, j.d., both parties born and resid. under the jurisdiction of Hurley.

27 October 1765 - 3 April 1840
daughter of Matthew Ten Eyck and Cornelia Wynkoop
burial location

Maria DeWitt

MVDW 800
August 29, 1787 - March 18, 1861
Baptized Kingston, New York, 14 October 1787
parents: Gerret Dewitt and Catharina Ten Eyk
witnesses: Matheus Ten Eyk, Cornelia Wynkoop
married Matthew Ten Eyck Veeder 18 October 1812 at location
both buried at Vale Cemetery, Schenectady, New York
Maria’s sister Cornelia married Matthew’s brother John. The Veeder family also had Ten Eyck ties.

Charles Garret (Gerrit?) DeWitt

MVDW 801
November 7, 1789 - April 12, 1839
Baptized Kingston, New York, 7 December 1789
parents: Gerret Dewitt, Catharina Ten Eyk
witnesses: (none named)
married Catharine Bogert Godwin 25 April 1811 at location
buried in Old Hurley Burial Ground, Hurley, New York (Ulster County)

Charles G. DeWitt is likely the C.G. DeWitt who edited and published the Ulster Sentinel 1826-1840. If this is the same person, the Ulster Historical Society in 1860, in a biographical sketch of his grandfather, said that he also “represented the district in Congress, and was charge d’affaires of the United States to one of the South American republics.” (Collections, 1860, Appendix to Vol. I, p. 166.) Find-A-Grave says he was elected as a Jacksonian to represent New York’s 7th District and served 1829-31, after which President Jackson appointed him Charge d’Affaires to Central America: “The last year of his mission saw the Central American Republic dissolve into civil war, and he formally resigned on New Years’ Day 1839. De Witt fell ill on the return voyage and died aboard a Hudson River steamer near Newburgh, New York, just hours before reaching his home in Kingston. He was 49.” (Bio by Bobb Edwards.)

His Find-A-Grave page (linked above) lists several children: David Porter DeWitt 1817-1889, Charles Adolphus DeWitt 1822-1906, Catherine Rachel DeWitt 1823-1872, Sutherland DeWitt 1830-1917.

Ten Eyck DeWitt

MVDW 802
March 28, 1792 - April 12, 1883
Baptized Kingston, New York, 22 April 1792
parents: Gerrit Dewitt, Catharine Ten Eyk
witnesses: Matheus Ten Eyk, Cornelia Wynkoop
married Catharine Newkirk [1] March 10, 1814 at location
married Ann Crispel(l) [2] April 20, 1832 at location
buried in (New) Hurley Cemetery, Hurley, New York

Cornelia DeWitt

MVDW 803
1 February 1794 - 5 July 1835 [1885?]
Baptized Kingston, New York, 2 March 1794
parents: Gerrit Dewitt, Catharina Ten Eyk
witnesses: (none named)
married 1820 John Garret Veeder (8 September 1794 - 22 September 1872) date and location
both are buried at Vale Cemetery, Schenectady, New York
(Section U, Lot 19)
Cornelia’s sister Maria married John’s brother Matthew. The Veeder family also had Ten Eyck ties.

children (not in MVDW, but from headstones):
Catharine J. Oothout, 12 January 1823 - 20 April 1889
Cornelia Veeder, 15 December 1825 - 22 March 1915
possible: John DeWitt Veeder, 1826-1876, buried Johnstown, New York
Charles Veeder, 4 June 1828 - 23 October 1830
Gertrude M. Northrup, 17 February 1830 - 17 January 1864
(daughter is Cornelia De Witt Northrup, 21 April 1857 - 28 September 1883)
Charles H. Veeder, 23 January 1832 - 26 October 1860

Alexander DeWitt

MVDW 804
December 2, 1796 - May 30, 1887
Baptized Kingston, New York, 22 January 1797
parents: Gerrit Dewitt, Catharina Ten Eyk
witnesses: (none named)
married Maria Newkirk 21 December 1820 at location
1 October 1798 - 11 April 1867
both are buried in Bloomington Dutch Reformed Church Ground, Ulster County, New York
(a little less than a mile south of the DeWitt mill site and DeWitt Lake)

Blandina DeWitt

MVDW 805
June 17, 1800 - October 20, 1863
married Benjamin G. Newkirk (b. 1800) February 1821 at location
burial location

Richard Ten Eyck DeWitt

MVDW 806
September 23, 1802 - 12 February 1892
married Eliza (Newkirk) Wood (Eliza C. Newkirk?) 23 June 1864 at location
Died in Rosendale, New York?
Buried in (New) Hurley Cemetery, Hurley, New York


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(Picture by Doug Bradley)
This stone is in the Old Hurley Burying Ground adjacent to his father's (click on this link for more pictures).

(Photo by Doug Bradley)
In the New Hurley Cemetery, not far from the Old Hurley Burying Ground, stands this fine obelisk to Richard Ten Eyck DeWitt, one of Garret’s sons, and his wife and offspring.

This is separate from the sprawling, multigeneration DeWitt cluster devoted to Ten Eyck DeWitt and his descendants.


Information is from Mary Veldran DeWitt’s “The DeWitt Genealogy: Descendants of Tjereck Claessen DeWitt of Ulster County, New York.”

Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York (formerly named Wiltwyck, and often familiarly called Esopus or ’Sopus), for One Hundred and Fifty Years from their commencement in 1660. Transcribed and edited by Roswell Randall Hoes, Chaplain U.S.N., corresponding secretary of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, etc. New York 1891; original publication De Vinne Press, New York; available today from Higginson Book Co., Salem, Mass., 508-745-7170. Detailed information about baptisms has been filled in through the end of 1687, marriages through 1701. More information is available. Records begin 1660. Other baptisms may have taken place in Hurley and other locations nearby; also from time to time itinerant ministers would travel through and perform various rites, not always entered in the books. This is available online at

Thomas Grier Evans, The De Witt Family of Ulster County, New York (reprinted from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, October 1886), New York: Trow’s Printing and Bookbinding Co., 201-213 East Twelfth Street, 1886. Available online from Evans’s work, reprinted in 1886 up to the point where it left off in Volume XVIII of the Record, was continued in 1890 (Volume XXI, commencing on p. 185) with additional names and family numbering. The reprinted portion includes names of descendants to the fourth generation; the extension shows their descendants, the fifth generation, with considerable further biographical information on some. This later addition to Evans’s work (he also published details on other families that intermarried with DeWitts in Ulster County, including Crispells, Bruyns, and others) extended into Volume XXII (January 1891, pp. 3-6). (I include here links to some publicly available copies of the individual issue and articles from the Record, but a better way to get access to it and a wealth of other genealogical resources, in addition to supporting genealogical research in general, is to join the NYGBS itself.)

Marbletown, New York, baptism records at

Collections of the Ulster Historical Society, Vol. I, Part 1, p. 165, Kingston: Hommel & Launsbery, Printers, 1860, can be found on Google Books (see link). The same text can be found in a reprint excerpted from the larger volume, An Account of the British Expedition above the Highlands of the Hudson River, and of the Events Connected with the Burning of Kingston in 1877, by George W. Pratt, Albany: Munsell & Rowland, 1861, which can be found in PDF form online at Wikimedia (see p. 61). The smaller pamphlet may be found for sale on Abebooks and other online sources. The larger book is harder to find in its original printing, but reprints can be bought online from various sources, probably made from the Google Books scan. The title page of the book refers to the Ulster Historical Society (not Ulster County).

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