Ten Eyck DeWitt

March 28, 1792 - April 12, 1883

Ann Crispel(l)

April 24, 1796 - August 31, 1860

Richard DeWitt

July 21, 1839 - February 20, 1901
Born in Hurley, New York
Buried in Wiltwyck Cemetery, Kingston, New York
(see photos below)

Katharine Hammond

May 4, 1864
March 13, 1840 - August 22, 1908

Elmore DeWitt

April 21, 1865 - July 31, 1933
Katharine Elizabeth Johnson

John Ten Eyck DeWitt

September 22, 1867 - February 21, 1936
Born Guilford Parish, Ulster County, New York (present-day Gardiner)
Adaline Veldran

Mary ("May") Elizabeth DeWitt

March 17, 1870 - 1965
Died unmarried

Anna Crispell DeWitt

May 28, 1872 - September 29, 1914
William Eltinge

Henry Richard DeWitt

July 12, 1875 - 1903
Charlotte Anderson Folant


AB, Rutgers College, 1860; NBTS, 1863.

Licensed Clergy, Kingston, 1863; ordained Clergy, Kingston, 1864.

The Reverend Richard DeWitt served as pastor in Guilford Parish, New York (present-day Gardiner; the parish doesn't exist anymore, and the church burned down, but the parsonage may still be standing) from 1864-71; in Spring Valley, New York, from 1871-76; Wallkill, New York, 1877-89; and Flatbush, New York, 1889-1901, where he died (see pictures below).

He married his son John Ten Eyck DeWitt to Adaline Veldran in the Flatbush Reformed Church in Saugerties.


(Photo by Doug Bradley)

Flatbush Reformed Church, on the back road along the river from Saugerties to Kingston.

(Photo by Doug Bradley)

(Photo by Doug Bradley)

On a couple of visits, we've run into the current pastor, Scott Conrad, who's a very nice fellow and has been helpful in digging out old records, finding pictures for us of Richard DeWitt and so on. The church has a small historical display just inside the main doors, with old pictures and documents under glass. A picture of Richard hangs on the back wall.

(Photo by Doug Bradley)

The parsonage, standing on the highway just north of the church. This is the building Richard DeWitt would have been living in when he died. Scott Conrad told us the building used to be larger (and would have been in 1901); a subsequent renovation took off a disused wing to the south. Rev. Conrad had pictures to show us what it looked like back then.

(Photo by Mary Sarah Bradley)

The family marker at Wiltwyck Cemetery in Kingston, New York. The cemetery office has records of who was buried when, cause of death, etc. They've been very nice about making time for us in the past.

(Photo by Mary Sarah Bradley)

The front of the family stone.

(Photo by Mary Sarah Bradley)

The back of the family stone.


Birthplace, education and pastorial record: Historical Directory of the Reformed Church in America, 1628-1978, by Peter N. VandenBerge, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America No. 6)

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