John Ten Eyck DeWitt

September 22, 1867 - February 21, 1936
Born Guilford Parish, Ulster County, New York (present-day Gardiner)

Adaline Veldran

January 4, 1867 - June 7, 1945

Dorothy Hammond DeWitt

July 1, 1899 - January 19, 1993
born in Oradell, New Jersey
buried at George Washington Memorial Cemetery
234 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ
(see pictures below)

Gwynne Trevor Lewis

Marriage Date & Place
Birth Date - Death Date

Kids 1

Birth Date - Death Date
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Mary Sarah Bradley writes June 6, 1999:

[Dot’s twin brother] DHDW was born on Kinderkamack Road and grew up at 683 Lotus Ave, up on the hill. I think the house or at least the property was a gift of [her mother Adaline's] father, William Veldran. Dot and Gwynne's first house and where we stayed in 1952 was at 659 Lotus Ave., Oradell, NJ. Lotus Ave. Crosses Kinderkamack Road.

For pictures of the house at 683 Lotus, see pages for her brother Douglas and father John Ten Eyck DeWitt.


(Photo by Mary Sarah Bradley)

659 Lotus Avenue
Oradell, New Jersey

Dorothy Hammond Lewis cenotaph

(Photo by Mary Sarah Bradley)
This is the inscription on the DeWitt family marker at Hackensack Cemetery in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Dot & Gwynne Headstone

(Photo by Mary Sarah Bradley)


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