John Ten Eyck DeWitt

September 22, 1867 - February 21, 1936
Born Guilford Parish, Ulster County, New York (present-day Gardiner)

Adaline Veldran

January 4, 1867 - June 7, 1945

Mary Veldran DeWitt

August 8, 1895 - December 28, 1979
Buried in Hackensack Cemetery, Hackensack, New Jersey

Died unmarried

No children


Mary DeWitt, "Aunt Mary" to my mother, compiled the first exhaustive genealogy to bring our branch of the DeWitts into the 20th century, linking it all the way back to Tjerck Claessen DeWitt. She printed an unknown number of copies of the genealogy, with information on 2,845 individuals. Most of it holds up under later scrutiny. She spent years gathering this information from all conceivable sources.

It is on Mary's work that much of the DeWitt information on this site rests. Mary's original papers were donated to the D.A.R. when she died, and the family no longer knows where the documentation behind her research has gone. We still have the printed genealogies, but they include only names and dates. Any other detail, and all the corroborating evidence, has gone missing. It is the task of this generation to dig up the original material again, to document and reconfirm sources.

Nevertheless, Mary DeWitt's work stands as a huge monument of research, tracing the descendants of one of the earliest European settlers in North America. The family has played a rich and often intriguing role in the history and growth of the United States.


(Picture by Doug Bradley)


Information on Mary’s mother and father come from the genealogy Mary wrote. For the date of her decease, see the gravestone pictures above. Most of the story of her life and her contribution to the study of the DeWitt family in America comes to me through Mary Sarah DeWitt Bradley.

(I have somewhat more information than I’ve had time to post here.)

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