Andries DeWitt

TGE 2. i. Family 2.
1657 - July 22, 1710
Born in Manhattan, New York [?]
Buried in Kingston, New York

Jennetje Egbertsen

January 11, 1664 - November 23, 1733
born in Nieu Jorck

Maria DeWitt

TGE 21. viii. Family 14.
January 21, 1693 (per family Bible) - May 1, 1762
baptized 3 June 1694
parents: Andries de Wit, Jannetje Meinders (hmm.)
witnesses: Wilhelm de Meyer, Catrina Bayard (hmm.)
(32 children were baptized in Kingston on the same day, including at least two De Witt grandkids, and records may not have been perfectly kept)
baptized in Kingston

burial location

Jan Roosa (Jr.)

married Jan Roosa 30 October 1713; first marriage for both; he is "born in Horly [Hurley],” and she (as Marytjen de Wit) is “born in Koksing”  (Coxsink). The Coxing Kill in Ulster County is south of Marbletown and High Falls, roughly west of New Paltz.
baptized 6 November 1692 - death date
son of Jan Roosa and Hillegond van Buren

Jan Roosa (1)

MVDW 108
TGE 98. 1.
baptized 5 September 1714 - died in infancy

Jannetje Roose

MVDW 109
TGE 99. ii.
baptized 13 May 1716 - death date

Jan Roosa (2)

MVDW 110
TGE 100. iii.
baptized 13 October 1717 - death date

Hillegond Roosa

MVDW 111
TGE 101. iv.
baptized 17 May 1719 - death date

Andries Roosa

MVDW 112
TGE 102. v.
baptized 3 September 1721 - death date
married 21 October 1748 Maria Schoonmaker
Maria was baptized 28 January 1733 (per Evans p. 11), daughter of Frederick Schoonmaker and Eva Swartwout

Jacob Roosa (1)

MVDW 113
TGE 103. (no order given)
baptized 5 January 1724 - death date (died in infancy)

Jacob Roosa (2)

MVDW 114
TGE 104. (no order given)
baptized 19 December 1725 - death date

Maria Roosa

MVDW 115
TGE 105. (no order given)
baptized 17 December 1727 - death date

Helena Roosa

MVDW 116
TGE 106. (no order given)
baptized 12 October 1729 - death date

Geertjen Roosa

MVDW 117
TGE 107. (no order given)
baptized 16 December 1733 - death date

Egbert Roosa

MVDW 118
TGE 108. (no order given)
baptized 13 February 1737 - 4 August 1829
married 1 December 1759 Helena Ostrander
married 1 September 1765 Alice Delamater


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Information is from Mary Veldran DeWitt’s “The DeWitt Genealogy: Descendants of Tjereck Claessen DeWitt of Ulster County, New York.”

Further notes from Andries DeWitt Bible (not available in print, but see photos at link above and on Andries’ page), courtesy of the Matthew Ten Eyck DeWitt Family Collection.

Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York (formerly named Wiltwyck, and often familiarly called Esopus or ’Sopus), for One Hundred and Fifty Years from their commencement in 1660. Transcribed and edited by Roswell Randall Hoes, Chaplain U.S.N., corresponding secretary of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, etc. New York 1891; original publication De Vinne Press, New York; available today from Higginson Book Co., Salem, Mass., 508-745-7170. Detailed information about baptisms has been filled in through the end of 1687, marriages through 1701. More information is available. Records begin 1660. Other baptisms may have taken place in Hurley and other locations nearby; also from time to time itinerant ministers would travel through and perform various rites, not always entered in the books. This is available online at

Thomas Grier Evans, The De Witt Family of Ulster County, New York (reprinted from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, October 1886), New York: Trow’s Printing and Bookbinding Co., 201-213 East Twelfth Street, 1886. Available online from

Marbletown, New York, baptism records at

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