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Abigail Kendall

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(Captain) Levi Holden

January 12, 1754 - April 19, 1823
Sudbury, Mass.
Newark, N.J.

Hannah Plimpton [Plympton]

married in Sudbury, Mass., January 15, 1778
Sudbury, Mass, July 27, 1754 - Newark, N.J., September 28, 1828

From “The Commander-in-Chief’s Guard: Revolutionary War,” by Carlos E[mmor] Godfrey, M.D., Washington, D.C., 1904:

Thomas, born, Sudbury, Mass., September 5, 1779, and died, Newark, N.J., May 20, 1820 (married Ann Vose)

Levi, born, Sudbury, Mass., December 27, 1780, and died, Lamington, N.J., December 28, 1847, unmarried

Mary, born, Sudbury, Mass., November 29, 1783, and died, New York City, December 23, 1844 (married Ward Richmond)

George, born, Sudbury, Mass., July 21, 1785, and died, Newark, N.J., July 21, 1847 (married, first, Eliza Ogden Nicholds; second, Mary Halsey, nee Wheeler; third, Jane Eagles, nee Hardy)

Henry, born, Sudbury, Mass., March 10, 1787, and died, Newark, N.J., July 22, 1846 (married, first, Eliza Plum; second, Mary Nutman; third, Susan Morgan)

Warren, born, Sudbury, Mass., August 15, 1788, and died, Newark, N.J., February 16, 1816, unmarried

Hannah Holden

1789 - July 10, 1867
Sudbury, Mass.
Richard B. Duyckinck
Hannah, born, Sudbury, Mass., January 30, 1790, and died, Lamington, N.J., July, 1867 (married Richard B. Duychinck [sic], Boston, Mass., December 30, 1808)
(1789 birth date is from an unknown source, via Mary Sarah Bradley)

Emma, born, Sudbury, Mass., August 31, 1791, and died, Brooklyn, N.Y., March 21, 1863, unmarried

Horace, born, Sudbury, Mass., November 5, 1793, and died, New York City, March 21, 1862 (married, first, Bathsheba Sanford, New York City, August 8, 1816; second, Mary Cotton, New York City, February 19, 1824; third, Catherine P. Judson, Stratford, Conn., December 25, 1833)

Otis, born, Sudbury, Mass., February 16, 1796, and died, Newark, N.J., November 24, 1825, unmarried

Harriet, born, Sudbury, Mass., December 31, 1798, and died, Brooklyn, N.Y., February 7, 1867 (married Caleb Halsted Shipman, Newark, N.J., November 12, 1823, the son of Joseph Shipman, with whom Levi Holden had served in the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard)


Levi Holden served with some distinction in the Revolutionary War, during a great part of it detailed to the special Commander-in-Chief’s Guard unit, designated to protect the life of George Washington during the war, and was the link through which my great-aunt Mary DeWitt got into the D.A.R.

I could go into great detail here. See Sources below for further information. I will add more story as time permits.

Very briefly: Holden, Levi: Enlisted, Cambridge, Mass., January 1, 1776, for one year, a private, Captain Micajah Gleason’s Company, Fourth Regiment, Continental Infantry, commanded by Colonel John Nixon; promoted sergeant-major, November 9, 1776; discharged December 31, 1776; ensign, Captain Thomas Barnes’s Company, Sixth Massachusetts Regiment, commanded by Colonel Thomas Nixon, January 1, 1777; promoted 2d lieutenant, December 22, 1777; transferred, New Windsor, N.Y., June 23, 1781, to the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, commanded by Lieutenant-Commandant William Colfax; at skirmish of King’s Bridge, N.Y., July 3, 1781; battle of Yorktown, Va., October 19, 1781; promoted 1st lieutenant, May 1782, to rank from December 22, 1777; furloughed February 27, 1783, until May 15, 1783; furloughed, Newburgh, N.Y., June 6, 1783, until the ratification of the definite treaty of peace; discharged November 3, 1783; commissioned captain, by brevet, October 19, 1786.


Photo by Maureen Lundin, via Carl Weaver (see Sources, below)

Photo via Carl Weaver (see Sources, below)


Various data reported by Mary Sarah Bradley, researching at the Santa Clara County [California] Library, June 6, 1999.

Signature and bottom portrait from The Commander-in-Chief’s Guard: Revolutionary War, by Carlos E[mmor] Godfrey, M.D., Washington, D.C., reprinted in 1972, 2010, 2012, from various sources; original Google scan is from a copy owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society, published [original edition?] by the Stevenson-Smith Company, Washington, D.C., 1904. Further note behind title page refers to The Wilkens Press, Washington, D.C. See Google online edition at this link (retrieved March 11, 2013, by Franklin Bradley).

Further information on Levi’s service in the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard from Website “A Brief History of the Commander-in-Chief Guards with Roster,” by Donald N. Moran (retrieved March 11, 2013, by Franklin Bradley).

Top portrait from The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, published by the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, Vol. XXX, p. 108, April 1899. The NYGBS at the time was located at 226 West 58th Street in New York, but since then has moved to 36 West 44th Street. More information is available at 212-755-8532 or the organization’s website, . The article from which the portrait came was a two-part article (published April and July 1899) with extensive details on the life and military career of Captain Holden: “Levi Holden, an Officer of Washington’s Life Guard,” by Edward F. Holden Sutton, available online to members of the Society. The article can also be found at Google Books (retrieved March 13, 2013).

Grave photos from, which has further text describing Captain Holden’s life and career. It’s worth noting that they were added to FindAGrave by Carl Weaver, who has devoted considerable time to researching this family and other branches of the families represented on this ( genealogy site, notably Veldrans and Holdens.

For further information, see also the Google Books copy of William H. Shaw’s History of Essex and Hudson Counties, New Jersey, Volume 1, Page 51 (1884, Philadelphia, Everts & Peck) which appears to have the same text as is used in Joseph Atkinson’s The History of Newark, New Jersey, Page 131 (1878, William B. Guild, Newark, N.J.; printed by L.J. Hardham, also in Newark), also available via Google Books (both links retrieved March 13, 2013).

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