John Holliday

Birth Date - Death Date
Born in New Jersey

Mary Lynn [last name?]

1772 - Death Date
from Ireland?

Eli Holliday

October 21, 1822 - November 22, 1868
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (see notes on father's page)
Originally buried in Sherman, Wyoming
Later moved to Green Hill Cemetery in Laramie, Wyoming
(see Helen East Holliday DeWitt notes cited in Sources, below)

Annetta (Annetje) Bogart

Marriage Date & Place
August 29, 1813 - March 24, 1893
Born in New York City?

James E. Holliday

April 12, 1842 - November 3, 1887
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
Spouse Name

William Helmus Holliday

May 21, 1843 - February 20, 1925
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio
First Wife: Emily R. Coykendall
Second Wife: Sarah Elizabeth East

Jethro Tabor Holliday

December 29, 1844 - September 20, 1910
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio
Spouse Name

Elwood Clark Holliday

1847 - 1918
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
Spouse Name

Mary Annetta ("Kate") Holliday

September 16, 1849 - July 27, 1920
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
married Frank Kibler

Sarah Elizabeth ("Lida") Holliday

December 10, 1851 - July 31, 1911
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio (presumed)
married N.T. Webber


Family moved to Sherman, Wyoming, circa 1870 (after Eli died?), and lived there long enough for the two youngest sisters to marry and have children buried in Sherman, victims of scarlet fever (see Helen East Holliday DeWitt notes cited in Sources, below).

Excerpt from Progressive Men of Wyoming (see link in Sources, below):

[Eli] was a prosperous farmer in his native county and in 1852 made a trip to California, going by boat to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and from there across the plains and mountains by teams to what was then the land of promise to all quarters of the globe. In 1855 he returned to his home by the Panama route and in 1858 removed to Douglas county, Ill., later making his home in Jackson couty of that state. In 1868 he made a visit to his son in Wyoming and while there prospected in Douglas Creek, now in the Keystone mining district, being among the first to become interested in mining there and the first recorder of the district. He died on November 22, 1868, near Sherman, Wyo., and two years later his family became residents of the territory. He was a gentleman of influence in business and social circles during his life and enjoyed the esteem of all who knew him.


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See notes on father's page. Some information (wife) from other sources.

Also see notes [link removed—ask Webmaster] typed by Helen East Holliday DeWitt.

Also see excerpt from Progressive Men of Wyoming.

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