Birth Date - Death Date


Birth Date - Death Date

John Holliday

1774 - circa 1860
New Jersey (see notes [link removed—ask Webmaster])
Burial Site in Hamilton County, Ohio? (see notes below)

Mary Lynn [last name?]

Marriage Date & Place
1772 - Death Date
from Ireland?

Eli Holliday

October 21, 1822 - November 22, 1868
Born in Hamilton County, Ohio
married Annetta Bogart


The family story is that John Holliday went off to sea for a year, came back to New Jersey and found his family had moved "thataway," down the Ohio River, so he followed along as far as Hamilton County, maybe Dent, Ohio (Green Township?) but never found them.

This story was written down on the J.T. Holliday side of family--my mom's "Aunt Alice," really a cousin, kept records, then Alice's nephew David Jethro (via Louis, buried in Laramie) wrote a family history.

It was also jotted down [link removed—ask Webmaster] by Helen East Holliday DeWitt, my grandmother.

Excerpt from Progressive Men of Wyoming (see link in Sources, below):

John Holliday in 1810 took his family down the Ohio River by flatboat from Western Pennsylvania, whither he had moved from his native state, New Jersey, and settled about ten miles west of Cincinnati, which at that time was more generally known as Fort Washington. It ws on the far frontier, this family being among the early emigrants to the state. His wife, one Mary Lynn, was born in Ireland in 1772, being a woman of heroic spirit, fit companion for a hardy pioneer in a most trying period of the history of the Middle West.


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See notes above. Also see notes [link removed—ask Webmaster] typed by Helen East Holliday DeWitt.

Also see excerpt from Progressive Men of Wyoming.

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