Lysander Ormsbee

1815 - 1911

Olive Clerinda Burnham

Birth Date - 1884

Edwin Samuel Ormsby

a.k.a. “Papa Dandy,” “the Colonel”

born April 17, 1842, Summerville, Michigan
died after 1934, Long Beach, California [?]
Buried in Emmetsburg, Iowa [?]

Mary Amanda Bateman

a.k.a. “Mama Dandy”

Marriage Date & Place
1843 - Death Date
Born in Ohio

Charles Edward Ormsby

November 29, 1863 - 1880
Spouse Name

Myrtie Bateman ("Mama Myrt") Ormsby

March 12, 1869 - 1921
Born in Chicago, Illinois, 8 1/4 lbs. (see letter)
m. George J. Consigny Jr., a.k.a. "Papa George"

Fannie M. Ormsby

March 26, 1876 - 1876
Spouse Name


Excerpted notes from (extracted February 2014):

Edwin Samuel Ormsby was in the Civil War and acquired the title of “Colonel.” In 1870, he lived at Tecumseh, Mich. And from a newspaper clipping of that town and year, we learn he was a business man and lawyer of the firm of Baxter & Ormsby. He was at that time a U.S. Marshall for the Dist. Of Tecumseh.

1870 Census Record:
Ormsby, Edwin, Saginaw County, MI, 3 W. East Saginaw

From a Clipping of the Emmetsburg, Ia. “Reporter,” we learn that Col. Ormsby was a resident of that City in 1904, and was “elected by the largest vote of any man in the State for Elector-at-Large for Roosevelt for President in the campaign of 1904.” He was a old Soldier and a life long Republican Party worker, and one of the most popular business men and politicians in the State of Iowa.

He moved to Los Angeles, Calif. and in the L.A. Times of July 4, 1928, there is an account of his 66th Wedding anniversary. The clipping goes on at length telling of all the honors he had held. Then he celebrated his 90th birthday, April 17, 1932, and the newspaper which recorded this event headed the article, “Colonel Ormsby young at 90.” He was still living 1934 at 732 Rampart, Los Angeles, Calif. See also; Annals of Iowa Vol. 19, pps 634/5 “Was Lieut. In 8th Mich. Inf.” Moved to L.A. about 1905.

In the 1880 U.S. Census, his occupation was listed as Banker.

Taken from the Democrate Souvenir of December 25, 1895:
Emmetsburg was incorporated as a town in 1877 and M.L. Brown was the first mayor-David Grier, Sr, recorder; A.J. Bateman, treasurer; W.B. Stedman, assessor, and R.B. Skinner, marshal. The succeeding mayors were E.J. Harthorn, Geo H. Carr, F. Joyce, J.C. Davies, A.L. Ormsby, Thos. Moncrief, B.E. Kelly, E.S. Ormsby, C.E. Cohoon, T.J. Prouty, J.S. Atkinson, L. Stuehmer, and Thos. Shea, the present mayor.

(Possible Andrew J. Bateman, wife Cornelia)

From the Emmetsburg Democrat, Wednesday, July 11, 1906 for the Semi Centennial celebration of the first settlement in Palo Alto County:
Palo Alto County in 1856
By Col. T.W. Harrison.
In August, 1872, that little giant of Methodism, Col. E.S. Ormsby located in the old town, and it did not take him very long to gather that remnant of the tribe of local known as the Methodists and organize a Methodist Episcopal church and Sunday school which have both been flourishing institutions ever since.

Edwin S Ormsby
Claimed Residence in Deerfield
Enlist Date 23 September 1861
Enlist Place Fort Wayne, MI
Enlist Rank Private
Enlist Age 19
Promoted to Full Sergt on 03 January 1865
Served Michigan Enlisted L Co. 1st Eng Reg. MI
Mustered Out at Nashville, TN on 22 September 1865
Source: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers 1861-65
Abbreviation: MI Roster
Published by on 1903
Note: Edwin applied for a pension for his Civil War Service while he was living in Iowa, application was file Feb 28, 1888 (D-8 U.S. Inf, Mich)

Edwin S. Ormsby
Company I, 1st Michigan Engineers
From Deerfield, Michigan, Edwin enlisted in the 8th Michigan Infantry as a band member at Fort Wayne, Michigan for 3 years service at the age of 19 on September 23, 1861. He was discharge at Beaufort, SC on March 6, 1862 and re-enlisted in the 1st Michigan Engineers, Company I on December 28, 1863 at Deerfield, Michigan. He was promoted to Sergeant on January 3, 1865. He mustered out on September 22, 1865 at Nahville, Tn. He was in the battles of Murfreesboro, Tn, Duck River, Tn, Stevenson, Al and Atlanta, Georgia. His post war address was Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Michigan 1870 Census, Lenawee County, Tecumseh Township
Ormsby, Edwin s., 28, M. W. Lawy Ec, Mich
Mary, 27, F, W, Keep house, Ohio
Charles E., 6, M, W, Mich
Myrta B., 1, F, W, Io
Bateman, Nellie, 24, F, W, ?, Ohio
Bairren Jases E., 28, F, W, school ?, Mich

Alvin, along with his uncle, A.C. Burnham, and his brother Col. E. S.Ormsby, set up a banking and loan business in Emmettsburg. It was called Burnham, Ormsby & Co. A few years later Alvin and Col. E. S. bought out A.C. Burnham's interest in the company. They organized the First National Bank and the American Investment Co. in 1885.

Soldiers Living in Palo Alto County in 1885
From the Palo Alto Reporter dated July 17, 1885
Ormsby, E S Lieut L 1 Mich Eng.
Ormsby, A L Pri L 1 Mich Eng.




World Family Tree 16; Ped 1686.

Other sources, including personal memories of my grandmother, Venita Ormsby Consigny, and her cousin Bruce Ormsby Bliven. (Good detailed information here—more than I have presented on this page, going back several further generations. Includes letters written by Edwin Samuel Ormsby and other family members.)

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