Daniel Rapalje

Birth Date - Death Date

Maria Luyster

Birth Date - Death Date

Sarah Rapalje

April 28, 1724 - April 28, 1786
Burial Site (prob. died East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York or thereabouts--maybe Oyster Bay? Wolver Hollow?)

Isaac Bogart Sr.

m. November 17, 1742, Flatbush Reformed Church, Brooklyn, New York
October 13, 1718 - Death Date
b. Staten Island, New York

Isaac Bogart Jr.

March 10, 1754 - Death Date
Born East Woods, Syosset, Long Island, New York?
m. Annetje Hoogland


Sarah and Isaac had nine children, whose names are documented in the Bogart genealogy (and will eventually appear here too).

Sarah Rapalje was a great-great-great-granddaughter of Sarah Rapalje, the first white woman born in the Dutch colonies in America. Isaac Bogart, her husband, was a great-grandson of the same woman.


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Information about descent from Sarah Rapalje from Alice Holliday (see her page for further notes).

The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants. compiled by John Albert Bogart, entered Library of Congress 1959, privately printed by Haddon Craftsmen Inc., Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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