Wessel ten Broek [Sr.]

Birth Date - Death Date

Marytje ten Eyck

Birth Date - Death Date

Maria Ten Broeck

born in April 1672, Kingston, New York
died 9 July 1717, Marbletown (near Kingston), New York

Wessel ten Broek, Jr., married 6 June 1694, may well be her brother. Wessel ten Broek [Sr.], married 26 September 1695, widower of Marytje ten Eyck, would sensibly be the father of both. Elsje ten Broeck, born and residing in Kingston, married 22 December 1695, would be another sister.

Charles Brodhead

married 14 November 1693, Kingston: Charles Braadhet, j.m., and Maria ten Broek, j.d., both resid. in Kingstoun.

1663 - 12 March 1724
died in Marbletown (near Kingston), New York

Charles Broadhead

born 1696 in Kingston, New York - Death Date

Wessel Charles Broadhead

born 21 January 1702 in Kingston, New York - Death Date

Mary Brodhead

born August 6, 1699, in New York [?] - Death Date
married Johannes DeWitt

Daniel Broadhead

born 11 November 1694 in New York - Death Date


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An invaluable source has been Maren Elizabeth Dodge Miles (“also known as Marty”), who in 2013 contacted me with voluminous information gathered over many years about her Broadhead, Tye, Nottingham, DeWitt, and other forebears. For a synopsis with much more detailed information on many branches of that tree (for many generations, including sources and further references), please see a PDF file that is current as of August 2013.

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