Andries Lucaszen [family name unknown]

Birth Date unknown
dies after 1648, possibly before 1662
Birthplace unknown

Jannetje Sebyne [?]

Birth Date unknown (ca. 1625-1630?)
Dies after 1662, probably in New Netherland/New York
Birthplace unknown

Marritje Andrieszen [family name unknown]

born 1630 or before [?: married 1647]
died after 27 March 1671 (sponsors baptism in Manhattan)
1647 marriage record says born in New Amsterdam
Presumed buried in Manhattan, New York

Jan Janszen van Breestede

1 November 1647, New Amsterdam: banns posted for Jan Janszen, j.m. Van Breestede, and Marritje Lúcas, j.d. Van N. Amsterd. (Manhattan Marriages, p. 14)

Breedstede is likely Bredstedt, in Schleswig, Germany, near Husum, in the area of the North Frisian Islands.

Jan and Marritje had a home near the southern tip of Manhattan, on the east side of what today is the little Bowling Green park on Broadway. [see De Sille List and Castello Plan in Stokes’s Iconography of Manhattan Vol. 2; need to cite the right page].

Jan (as Jan Janss. Preste) probably was the 35th signer on the 1664 Remonstrance that convinced Stuyvesant to hand over New Netherland to the British peaceably rather than mount a defense against overwhelming odds, which could have been disastrous to the inhabitants of New Amsterdam.

Presumed buried in Manhattan, New York


19 July 1648, New Amsterdam: Jan Janszen Van Breestede (husband of Marritje Andriessen) baptizes Jannetje (named for her mother, Jannetje Sebÿns); witnesses are Andries Lucaszen (her father), Engeltie Jans Van Breestede (Jan’s sister), Elsje Ariaens (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 24).


25 December 1650, New Amsterdam: Jan Janszen Van Breestede (husband of Marritje Andriessen) baptizes Wouter; sponsors are Adriaen Peterszen, Lucas Andrieszen (her brother), Trÿntie Jans (could be Marritje’s mother’s sister? or Jan’s sister?)(Manhattan Baptisms, p. 28). Note that when Jan and Marritie baptize their son Simon 17 August 1659, a witness is Egbert Wouterszen; does this give us a clue about a namesake?


29 November 1654, New Amsterdam (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 38): Jan Janszen Breestede (husband of Marritje Andriessen) baptizes Engel; sponsors are Volckert Janszen, Jan Andrieszen (her brother), Engeltje Jans (namesake, possibly a Breestede, or Marritje’s mother’s sister?)


15 June 1656 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 42): Jan Janszen Van Breestede and Marritje Andries baptize Pieter; witnesses Olof Stephenszen van Courtlt., Aechte Laurens (Aefje Laurens is the wife of Marritje’s brother Lucas Andriessen)


10 February 1658, New Amsterdam: Jan Janszen Van Brestede and Marritie Andries baptize Simon; witnesses Cornelis Steenwÿck, Anneken Loockermans (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 48). (This child must have died in infancy; see 17 August 1659, 27 March 1661.)

17 August 1659 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 53): Jan Janszen v. Breestee and Marritje Andries baptize Simon (see 10 February 1658, 27 March 1661); witnesses are Egbert Wouterszen, Sÿtie Adriaens. (This child must have died in infancy.)

27 March 1661 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 60): Jan Janszen V. Breestede and Marritje Andries baptize Simon (see 10 February 1658, 17 August 1659); witnesses are Cornelis Steenwÿck, Anna Loockermans (same as 10 February 1658)

likely the wrong couple:
10 August 1661 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 61): Jan Janszen V. Langestraat and Marritje Adriaens baptize Adriaen; witnesses are Severÿn Laurens, Pieter Jansen van Langestraat, Trÿntie Van Engelen. See also 14 February 1666 (pp. 82).


14 May 1663, New Amsterdam (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 69): Jan Janszen Van Breedstee and Marritie Andries baptize Geertruÿd; witnesses Corn[elius] Janszen Clopper, Sytie Ariaents.

a few godchildren:

8 February 1665 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 78): Marritie Andries (with Thomas Hall) sponsors baptism of Johannes, son of Cornelis Clopper and Heÿltje Pieters.

17 May 1665, Wildwyck: Marretje Andriessen, Jan Jansen van Breestee, Volchert Jansen, Rut Jacobsen, Sytje Ariaensen witness baptism of Hendrick and Volckert (apparently twins), sons of Hendrick Jochemsen and Elsje Jans (could this be a sister of Jan Janszen van Breestede?)

16 September 1665 Lucas Andrieszen and Aefje Laurens baptize Tietje (named for his father’s sister-in-law killed in June 1663 Esopus attack on Wildwyck?); witness is his sister Marritie Andries (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 80).


21 February 1666 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 82): Johan Van Breester and Marritie Andries baptize Trÿntie; witnesses are Stoffel Hooglant, Heÿltie Pieters


18 April 1668 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 90): Jan Van Breedstede, Marritie Andries baptize Maria; witnesses are Jacob Abrahamsen and Trÿntie Cregiers

a few more godchildren:

15 October 1668, Wildwyck: Jan Anderiesen, Luyckas Anderies, Martie Anderiesen witness baptism of Geertruy, daughter of Tierck Claesen de Wit, Barber Anderiesen

9 June 1669, New York: Lucas Andrieszen and Aechtie Laurens baptize Laúrens (named for her father, presumably Skipper Laurens Corneliszen; he is not here for the baptism, so he may be deceased); witnesses Jan Joosten (his business partner), Marritie Andries (his sister) (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 95)

1 May 1670 Marritie Andries and Jan Van Breedstede sponsor baptism of Hendrick, son of Barent Coúrten and Annetie Jans (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 98) (Another possible sister of Jan Janszen van Breestede?)

4 October 1670, New York: Lúcas Andrieszen and Aefje Laúrens baptize Hillegond (this daughter must have died in infancy; see notes on Lucas’s page); witnesses: Jan Joosten (his business partner), Marritie Andries (his sister) (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 99).

27 March 1671 (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 101): Marritje Andries (with Wessel Wesselszen) sponsors baptism of Elsje, daughter of Hendrick Wesselszen and Jannetje Jans (Another possible sister of Jan Janszen van Breestede? Or did he have daughters from a previous marriage? When they marry, he is listed as j.m. van Breestede, not as a widower with the name of a previous wife; usually this description signifies a first marriage)


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17 October 1649 in New Amsterdam Geertie Andries (with Egbert Wouterszen, Ruth Jacobszen, Jannetje Jans) sponsors baptism of Jan, son of Jan Janzen Kuÿper (Manhattan Baptisms, p. 26).

18 December 1661, second marriage recorded in Kingston, N.Y. (at the time called Wildwyck): Aart Martensen Doorn, tailor, j.m. [young man], of Well, in Bomlerwaert [Bommelerwaard, in Gelderland], and Geertruy Andriesse, widow of Jacob Janse Stoll, of Doesburgh, in Gelderlant [Doesborgh, on Yssel, near Arnhem], both residing here in the village Wildwyck, in the district Esopus. First publication of Banns, 27 November; second, 4 December; third, 11 December.

On October 15, 1668, Geertruy’s sister Barbara has a daughter named Geertruyd, and the baptism is witnessed by her brothers Jan and Luyckas and sister Mar[i]tie. Where is Geertruy? We might think she has perished. But later records show she is still in Papscanee (across from modern Albany), the wife of Jan Thomase, from Witbeck (near Husum, in Schleswig). Odd.


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From The DeWitt Genealogy: Descendants of Tjerck Claessen DeWitt, of Ulster County, New York, by Mary V. DeWitt.

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