Jordan 1996: Allenby Crossing

Not too thoroughly processed, and some of these may be in the wrong place or the wrong order, but this is what crossing the Jordan via the Allenby Bridge looked like in 1996.

You drive east through the wilderness from Jerusalem to get to the Jordan River valley. This is the wilderness Jesus (or various prophets) wandered in for 40 days and 40 nights. Not exactly lush with ground cover and brambles. A guy could get thirsty.

The valley floor, once you reach it, is flat like a frying pan.

As you near the border, you spot a military post or two.

Note the sign on the fence in the foreground (pictured larger below).

Tricky place to go for a hike.

First you have to leave Israel. There’s a fee for that.

And then you take a short bus ride across the border and enter Jordan.

And there’s a fee for that.

Once your paperwork is complete, you drive up out of the valley on the eastern side, whose barrenness looks strikingly similar to the western side.

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