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The Unusual Suspects

Last update: 5/4/97

A few poor saps who have had the misfortune of giving MrJumbo their Web addresses (note that all their ugly mugs have now been moved below their addresses . . . so you can still see them if you want to, but if you hit a link fast enough, you might be spared the impact of their collective countenance):


People MrJumbo knows from his old college days

  • Oh, no, it's Greg! (And, for no reason at all, his old page and his current means of entertainment.)
  • Robert L Mathews (Tiger Technologies)
  • Ken Spreitzer (Maximized Online/Software)
  • Al Stone (Highly recommended. Al said to mention it's 254K, so it takes a bit of time to download . . . includes a link to Ken Spreitzer's wife, though . . . not sure how much of the 254K she takes up . . . also includes a photograph of the elusive MrJumbo, together with a few of his equally disreputable-looking ilk, off in the desert where it was safe for them to congregate a few years back . . . on the wrong side of the tracks naturally) (See also correction of this listing.)
  • Athena Spanoyannis (technically not her home page, but at least there's a picture of her with some test tubes)
  • Looks like someone made a mistake and let K*U*C*I go online as well as on air. (Now even includes links to some K*U*C*I alums, one of which is recursive.) Even More Alums (imagine having this many pages dedicated to a single institution!)
  • Elvis***
    ***Mr. Jumbo recently brought home pictures of Elvis from Israel. On days when the remote link is up, you can find 'em here.***
    (Highly recommended)
  • Where MrJumbo made a living in the Holy Land.
  • Palo Alto

    People MrJumbo knew even before college

  • Gwyan Rhabyt (ne Alan Colley)
  • Heather Cherry (or at least an article on her)
  • Richard Sherman's Tiny Little Space
  • Tim Harris' New Home Page
  • Paul Spinrad (Infobahn)
  • Joseph Pujol (Highly recommended)
  • Richard Nixon
  • Eric Webster

    Plus a coupla links via my brother Franklin:

  • Mr. Steve's Extra-Special Super-Secret Home Page
  • Cha!
  • New York

    Bridges built over the past few years

  • International House:
  • D'Arcy Philip Gray
  • Barbara Dudley Davis (and the mighty Quinn)
  • A tip o' the Webbed hat to the Kaleses, as they come into the online world
    (Blue Hill Online provided as a service of BDD Enterprises)
  • Anne R. Davis, Stop Right Here!
  • Mindy McAdams (for more info see the Jenny Holzer links below)
  • Trina Chang

  • **And who is this Jussi fellow?

    . [126K]

    Mr. Jumbo's friend Jussi used to have a site with this picture of him and his family, but he took it down. If Mr. Jumbo gets a free minute (and Jussi's permission), he'll repost it here.

    Pictures of a few other people can be found here. A better photo gallery will come someday.

    Some Other People (Better Not Ask)
    Palo Alto
    Ask Mr. Wizard
    TechnoBuzz! (Better than caffeine!)
    Mixed Media (including whales!)
    Jenny Holzer
    Health Resources
    FTP Servers in Croatia

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