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Health Resources

Last update: 5/4/97

One of the places MrJumbo works is a magazine called American Health for Women. Here are some health resources on the Web, culled from various places. This will never be a final edit of the list (too many new sites open every day), so some of the categories and descriptions are a little sketchy; please bear with us as we add current information and continue to rearrange this in a (hopefully) more coherent order.

Even More Links

You'll find a great overall list of health links on the Net at Emory University's MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources, including Websites, newsgroups, and mailing lists on all sorts of medical topics, from AIDS to virtual reality in medicine. Many of the other sites listed here also have lists of hot links.

News Providers

Women's Health

A variety of Websites have sprung up over the past several months devoted to women's health in particular. Some of these are pretty good.

Consumer-Oriented Sites

The Medical Establishment

Start with where it begins: The Hippocratic Oath.

Then move on to U.S. government sites:

And medical organizations:

Then some other stuff with doctors in mind:

Special Interests

A lot of the links here are to fairly general sources of information on wellbeing. You may be after knowledge on a more specific topic. Below are links to sites that specialize in one health problem or another:

Women's Sports

If you want to stay healthy, it pays to be fit. Yes, that means get up out of the chair, disconnect the modem, go outside and get some fresh air. If you're not ready for that huge step yet, here are some clues in the meantime (again, targeted at American Health's approximate audience):

Other Health Stuff

Not all of this is easy to categorize:

You'll have to do a bit of digging (and you need to pay), but if you go to this site you can find articles from American Health. As noted at the top of this page, the official (and free) site is at

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