Last update: 7/19/96, except as indicated. Many--most--of these links are way outdated.

Here are a few sites MrJumbo finds of interest, arranged loosely by topic.

Web Searches
Friends (A Rogue's Gallery) Updated 5/4/97
Some Other People (Better Not Ask)
Palo Alto
Ask Mr. Wizard
TechnoBuzz! (Better than caffeine!)
Mixed Media (including whales!)
Jenny Holzer
Health Resources Updated 5/4/97
FTP Servers in Croatia

Web Searches

There are a thousand ways to find things on the Web. Naturally, all the good stuff is on this links page, but in case there's something you don't find here, here are a few navigational aids:

The Unusual Suspects

Some Other People

It scares me sometimes to see what people do with their spare time. Start with the mild and even laudable:

Privileged Information

Where I'm coming from (This server is getting a lot faster, but it's still a prototype, so be patient, and apologies if it doesn't work every time. Once you're there, BTW, you can see where you're coming from too. MrJumbo sez Check it out.) Here's another way to see where I'm coming from, and here's where to find similar info on other parts of the S.F. Bay Area.

City of Palo Alto, California

Three schools MrJumbo attended in his callow youth:

The Palo Alto Weekly
The Palo Alto Times, that great institution of Lytton Avenue, gave way years ago to the consolidation of the Chicago Tribune's empire, and Palo Alto was left with the Weekly, plus some newspapers from bigger cities up and down the Bay. There's a new contender for the hearts of Palo Altans, the Palo Alto Daily News, but so far they don't seem to have a Website. We did recently (11/20/96) get this letter, however, from Dave Price:


You are correct sir -- The Palo Alto Daily News lacks a Website. We like running presses more than we like running computers. But we're learning, and we have e-mail. Send letters, hate mail, classified ads, bomb threats, birthday announcements, absolutely items, jokes or whatever to:


Dave Price, editor, co-founder, whatever

Caltrans Home Page

Wanna get a job in the Bay Area? Try the San Francisco Bay Area: Employment home page.

The passing of a legend

Ask Mr. Wizard

Who can't stomach a little science? Fiber is good for the intellectual diet, plus of course you might want to know if a black hole was going to hit the planet or something.

Some Hyakutake Stuff


MrJumbo has a hopeless addiction to technology. Here are some of the unfortunate results of this interest (roughly subdivided into sections on useful information and actual tools).



A Mixed Bag of Media

MrJumbo's primary employment is in our nation's publishing industry. Consequently he has an interest in the press, as well as in the various other media surrounding and infiltrating us today. Here, then, a little collection of favorite media references. To make life easier to comprehend, it's been subdivided into three sections: 1) news sources and other relatively nonfictional sites, 2) stuff that could only happen on the Web, and 3) other cultural links, many of them to things that exist in the real world as well as online, some of which have to do with exploding whales.


Only on the Net

Other Culture

Jenny Holzer 1 & 2

These sites were stolen shamelessly from the site of Mindy McAdams, a former colleague. She has a way cool site of her own, which she keeps up to date with the times. (She also has an extensive section on copy editing, probably the only site like it on the Web.) MrJumbo sez Check it out!

Health Resources

FTP Servers in Croatia

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