Great Big Jumbo Friends

These pictures are from all over, some bigger than others.

Four of Hearts

My friend Gabby had a party!

BCC's new Benz

My friend Bruce got a new car! (Click here for more pictures.)


My friend Carolyn has a new puppy!

This is not my beautiful house

My friend Heidi has a new house!

Maggie? Drowsy?

My friend Mark has a new band!


My friend Bobbi and her family came to visit me. : )

But I wasn’t home. : (

They had a seat in my lobby for a little while anyway, and they sent me a picture. : \


A bunch of us up to no good, in college at the University of California, Irvine.

The ones I know, left to right: Doug, some guy, Pat Cooper, Mike Duffy, Wendy Doetkott, Bruce Andersen (peeking up from behind), Robert Morey (?), someone whose name I should definitely remember, some other guy who worked at the university paper, Al "Rolling" Stone. The guy in the bottom row I can't help you with.

Art Science

My friend Greg sent these pictures. In the first, he appraises the artistic value of a statue. In the second, he catches a window dresser committing a perversion in public view.

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