Lies, Damned Lies and Anecdotal Evidence

--By Greg, with igneous intrusions by Doug

Okay, here's how it works:

Greg wrote this story about a road trip to Death Valley and posted it in his Thoughts area on America Online.

After he posted it, he sent it to the other three guys who went on that trek. One of those guys, Doug, decided to add some of his own perspective to that version--and even suggested other stuff to add in the future. It's typical of the stuff they pick up and drop on a whim.

Greg then went and posted this stuff online. He wrote:

    I doubt we'll ever get around to reconciling all accounts of that trip. I question whether anyone should care. But Doug's notes are certainly worthy ones. And especially after he went to the trouble of adding pictures, it seems a shame to waste his efforts (more than he does by himself, I mean). So I've posted his blue-inked markup of my original vacation diary. It's prefaced by my email to the road trip group, announcing my completion of the original version (and complete disavowing of responsibility for any future versions).

    I happened to enjoy reading his notes. Some of you may just want to flip through the pictures and call it a day.

Click here to be magically transported to a Cheesy RTF-cum-HTML-formatted version of the email Doug marked up and forwarded back to Greg. (You should be able to find the same thing at

5/28/99 23:00

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