The Front Portico

The first shot here was taken the morning after the blizzard, around 11:30.

The second shot is a little more interesting. I punched up the color a bit so you can see better what's actually going on. (The original picture was rather dim, having been taken during the thick of the blizzard.)

If you look closely in the shadow of the awning over the doorway (the one with all the lights on it), you can just pick out a couple of strikers standing there with picket signs strapped to their bodies. Yep, on a Sunday afternoon, in the middle of one of the deepest snowstorms in 50 years, the Service Employees International union was not giving in.

In the end, they didn't get everything they wanted, but they did get a better deal than they'd been offered before. So the frostbite was good for something.

There's a bigger version of this available.

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