MrJumbo’s New York: Dark Empire

The shot everybody takes. This was the first night I had the camera. I was too impatient to wait for daylight to start shooting, so I went up to the roof of my building with a tripod and clicked away. This is handheld, at some incredibly slow speed, with a 300mm lens.

Later I got more and better (and clearer) pictures of the building.

The Empire State Building gets lit with different colors for different occasions. Here it’s red and green for Christmas. By this time I had a tripod, which meant I could shoot slower and get clearer pictures.

Never mind the lights: Mother Nature changes the building’s mood.

More skyscrapers: The Twin Towers, from Union Square. Another handheld shot, this on the day I got my new 28mm-90mm zoom lens. I was excited and had to get a picture of something. It was around dusk, so I walked up the street from the camera store and looked south.

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