MrJumbo’s New York: Escape Batch


This has been a hard shot to get with a regular camera, because these stairs are high on a tall wall. (Click on any picture on this page for a bigger version.)

over deli

At the right time of day, the shadows turn a building into a maze of tesselating angles. There’s also a color version.

West 18th Street, across from P.O.

The shadow creates a phantom balcony. (There’s also a color version.)

Phone Guy

(No bigger version available.)

Phantom Staircase 1 Phantom Staircase 2

Someone had the courtesy to leave a fire escape light on one night on 17th Street just west of Union Square. You come walking down the sidewalk and there above you, suspended in the night, is a lovely white lattice. It cried out for a camera, so I went home and brought one back. Two lenses in the rain.

(Click on either picture for a black-and-white enlargement; click below for color versions of the left and right pictures.)

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