New York: WTC Disaster Sept. 11, 2001

A bass-playing friend of a friend took the following pictures of the World Trade Center aftermath:

smoking WTC

Nassau Street Rubble

Rubble Blizzard

Smoking WTC (Closer)

Date: 9/12/2001 7:05 AM

Whoops, I was in a hurry when I sent those pics. Please don't attribute them to me. They were taken by a co-worker, David Schneider - a bass player. He actually went into Manhattan to take pictures. The tower he photographed fell in right after he clicked that pic from the cemetery. We work just a half block from the graveyard at Trinity. He said, "by the time I got to the door, I was hyperventilating, I felt sure I was going to die. My hands were numb." After he had gotten upstairs, we were IMing and he logged off because the smoke had gotten bad on our side of the building. An hour or so later, he IMed from home after walking over the B'kln bridge back to the slope.

I uploaded the rest of his pics:

(ignore the photo from the pathmark, he said that was the only empty shelf)

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