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Subj: error on home page
Date: Wed, Jan 3, 1996 1:57 AM EDT

Error report.

>>>Al Stone (Highly recommended. Al said to mention it's 254K, so it takes a bit of time to download . . . includes a link to Ken Spreitzer's wife, though . . . ) <<<

Should read:

Al Stone (Most highly recommended...

thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

-al stone.<>
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Date: Sun, Dec 31, 1995 6:42 AM EDT
From: Barbara DD

Loved the recipe. Think you should post the Management Fire photo! [98K] Couldn't pick up the Elvis cuts. I'm pointing my bro at this, so if you get mail from Curran, that's who it is. Assuming that AOL will ever send him mail, that is; they don't seeem to wanna "respond," as the saying has incessantly gone.
oxoxox, bdd

Date: Wed, Jan 3, 1996 4:28 PM EDT
From: CTCorcoran
Subj: Re: Such a memorable game

[Bunch of stuff left out]

Did you pass the New Year in Finland, by any chance?

[Bunch of other stuff left out]


Date: Sat, Jan 13, 1996 7:55 PM EDT
From: Partytape2
Subj: Re: blizzard pix

hi doug: i tried to look at your web page but i couldn't get onto it. is the www address that you gave definitely the correct one? curiously yours, partytape (2)

Subj: JumboWeb
Date: Sat, Jan 13, 1996 9:51 PM EDT

Interesting thing... if you go to, go to the bottom of the screen, and choose Search People, then enter search terms to find you, you can't be found. It's probably just as well...

Nice home pages & stuff. Must be nice to have time to work 'em. :) Looks like quite a blizzard. But the pictures take *forever* to download even on our office's 384KB link. I wonder what AOL is doing to muck things up?

BTW, I'm hits #22 - 26 on the JumboProd page. :)


Date: Sun, Jan 14, 1996 12:03 AM EDT
From: Barbara DD
Subj: Blizzard pix

So, were you in Finland for New Year's? Nice country; good toys.

I thought the street blizzard pix were great--is that the Flatiron in the back? You and Stieglitz (Steichen? whatever). And the cactus one was very nice--it seems to like your apartment.

Good thing you posted the Management Fire photo [98K]--I'm telling people on the street abt. it. xooxox, bdd

Date: Sun, Jan 14, 1996 1:04 AM EDT
From: McquillanS

Dear Doug:
Love your blizzard pictures; love your whole page. Andre and Trina were here earlier and all or at least two of us explored your site together. Trina has her own page now too. Tomorrow I'll examine both more closely and I'll write again.

[buncha stuff about heavy drinking lopped out]


Date: Thu, Jan 11, 1996 12:26 AM EDT
From: TChang2222
Subj: help! just peeked at your home page

If you promise to take me off your home page, I'll promise to unlink your page.



-- trina

Subj: Re: blizzard pix
Date: Sun, Jan 14, 1996 12:30 PM EDT

On Sat, 13 Jan 1996 wrote:

> The first half-dozen shots from the blizzard are up on my Website now.

Yeh, Doug, I can get that effect too if I get interference on the TV.

Date: Sun, Jan 14, 1996 2:34 PM EDT
From: McquillanS
Subj: Who IS that?

Who's the jerk that compared your photo to static? Where's HIS web site?
I think you're brilliant and I'm sure I'm more important than him. See ya! Susan

Date: Mon, Jan 15, 1996 1:42 AM EDT
From: CTCorcoran
Subj: Re: blizzard pix

Are they blank white squares? That's what I'm hoping for.

How goes the storm? Have you gained any weight?


Date: Sun, Jan 14, 1996 11:46 AM EDT
From: MrDuke
Subj: Yo Homes. . .

Just checked yo homey page. Fat. Totally fat, man. Sweet shots of the blizzard, particularly the cemetery and the plant in the window.

And hey! Happy Birthday over a week late. Yeah, some brother I am. Hope it was a hoppy birdie.


Subj: re:tossed salad
Date: Mon, Jan 15, 1996 1:09 PM EDT
From: reisman@is2.NYU.EDU
To: (ihouse)

Actually, the one who should be embarrassed is me, since I can't remember exactly what the above entails. Definitely involved crudites, Sian, but which ones? I think my subconscious must have blotted this one out.


Note: Technically this has nothing to do with our Web page, but it still bore repeating. We felt. --The Editors

Subj: Re: blizzard pix
Date: Mon, Jan 15, 1996 2:33 PM EDT

Hi there,

Your home page doesn't have a title. Is that because you didn't put one in or because AOL doesn't support that? I.e., when I save your homepage as a bookmark, it should have an automatic title.

Anyway, looks cold where you are. Brrrr.... What were you doing in the cemetery? I like the one where the streets are empty. Cool. You never see that in NYC.

Take care!

Editor's note: The "crawling" effect of the window title is created using a technique that may not be compatible with all browsers. Sorry about that. For another page that has an even cooler crawling effect (sort of a "U R Lost" effect), check out

Subj: No Subject
Date: Mon, Jan 15, 1996 7:59 PM EDT


I found your Web Page, it's great. We have netscape at my work although the pictures are very slow and I didn't have time to see it full screen!

I'll wait and pick a time where everyone has left for the day.

Catch you soon you big baboon


Date: Tue, Dec 19, 1995 6:59 PM EDT
From: AmeliaNYC
Subj: Re: Only Nine Hours?

Doug, you're just a human gumdrop.
(And no one will ever say the same about James Joyce.)

Subj: Loved the crap
Date: Sun, Jan 21, 1996 2:16 AM EDT
X-From: (Gary M Ulberg)

Visited Doug's home page, I like the x-referenced "lever" quotes (or was the second made up?)... does the man ever sleep? If so, with whom?

Have only scanned the "crap" but like it... good thing I have 1.6 G's, after all of your badgering to get a modem (did I do good?), I have a feeling you (and mrjumbo) have a lot of catching up to do.



Subj: "Our readers write" re: blizzard pics and drink recipe
Date: Fri, Jan 19, 1996 4:32 PM EDT

Your photos totally rock; I'm impressed!

Re: the drink recipe: I haven't tried it, but I would think that if you carefully pour the coffee and stop at the precise moment you can no longer see the penny, then it would only take an tiny, approaching-infinitesimal amount of vodka to make the penny visible again.

But maybe the idea is that the recipe adjusts itself as required. If you're hung over on New Year's Day, the less precisely you're capable of pouring the coffee, the more vodka you need. Clever!


Date: Fri, Jan 19, 1996 4:10 AM EDT
From: Allstone
Subj: Re: Yeah, get a head

Greg's page really looks professional. There must be an inverse relationship between the amount of hair one has and the quality of his web site.

Speaking of which, is featured among a few other Web reviews in the February issue of "The Net" magazine. It's the sex issue, actually. What the hell, as long as it sells. Just don't give it away for free I always say when surrounded by unapproachable women.

My page got an "A" and if you get the version of the magazine with the CD-ROM, you'll find about a third of my site mirrored.

I'm pleased.

Ken, I'm gonna kill build-a-card. How many hits are you up to per day now?


Date: Fri, Jan 19, 1996 10:44 PM EDT
From: AmeliaNYC
Subj: Website

Well <flutter,flutter>, I jes don know why y'all ain't married yet, cher.

When a man has both brains and connections, as Ernst Lubitch might have pointed out--Does he have a Website?--everything else is wavy gravy.

Date: Tue, Jan 30, 1996 12:30 AM EDT
From: TChang2222
Subj: typo on your page

sorry to do this to you, but you are a copy editor, after all...

idiosyncrasy, i think. or am i wrong?

haven't read the entire page in depth, but since you're a copy editor i trust everything else is in order.

-- tc

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