Tzuba Jubilee, August 1998

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At the same time as the kibbutz was putting on its big show, they'd decorated all the public areas with various artifacts of the many kibbutz industries, from the cotton fields to the amusement park to the chicken coops to the windshields. Visitors arriving at the kibbutz would pass by all kinds of fun displays on their way to the show.

Behind this field of sunflowers you can just barely see the kibbutz laundry, where all the members' clothes are cleaned, folded and pressed. The laundry, like every other kibbutz industry, wanted to show off what it does, so they hung out a bunch of clean clothes on a line as if to dry. (You can see a line of whites hanging over what looks like a wooden fence.) As I walked by, I heard someone who had just realized his clothes were on display for all the world to see: "Hey! Those are my socks!"

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