Shabbat Tiul: Elvis

For several years now I've been aware of the existence of the Elvis Inn, on the road to Jerusalem not far from the kibbutz. This was my second visit to the place.

After my first visit to the Elvis Inn, a few of the pictures I took had ended up on a Website dedicated to Elvis fans everywhere. Amir Yoeli, son of the inn's proprietor, had found the pictures on the Web and sent me e-mail asking me how he could make a better Website for the restaurant/gas station/tourist attraction (there's no hotel there, but they're hoping to put one in sometime after the millennium).

His e-mail arrived about two weeks before I left for Israel. I told him I was on my way there, and when I got to Israel, I visited Amir (above, with the King) and his father, and we had a good time chatting.

Since my first visit, they've added a lot, including two new statues inside and this one outside.

That's Shoshi coming out of the restaurant in shades.

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