Shabbat Tiul: Churches

That's Mary, holding Jesus, standing on the Ark of the Covenant, which you may recognize from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The symbolism is that Jesus brought a new law, which stands on the old law, or something like that.

They're standing up there on top of the church because it gives them an excellent view of the kibbutz. (Click on the picture above for a much bigger, more detailed image.) Tzuba is spread across the middle horizon in this picture, from the distinctive turtle-shaped hill on the left (atop which Tel Tzuba is perched, the old city), all the way across to the new amusement park, Kiftzuba, on the right edge of the picture. (If you look at the larger image, you can just see the blue-green tent of Kiftzuba.)

St. Mary's church.

A sign from another church down the hill.

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