Wyoming '99: Friday

Finally we were drawing nearer to Elk Mountain.

As we got closer, we went through fields where no fence separated the road from the livestock. We'd find horses and cows on the dirt road. Thrills for the kids. Thrills for the adults.

In the town of Elk Mountain, which sits at the foot of the mountain itself, stands a one-room schoolhouse where my great-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth East, taught school before she moved to Laramie and met my great-grandfather. She was from Indiana, and she came here to teach school. By all accounts, she was a terrific teacher.

Technically there's more than one room in there. She apparently lived there too.

Notice the dovetail joints. They don't build this way anymore.

The building is more or less abandoned; it was going to be torn down so something else could be built, but someone rescued it and moved it to where it now stands, raised up off the ground on cinder blocks. We understand the guy who owns it lives across the street, but we didn't bother him to ask if we could go inside.

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