Wyoming '99: Friday

Still searching for the POW camp, we came across an old tie camp. (Click on the picture for a bigger version.) Loggers used to live here. They'd cut down trees, hack them into the right size timber for railroad ties and stack them up behind temporary dams in the river. When they had enough to send downstream, they'd break down the dam in a big hurry, creating a flash flood that would carry the ties downstream.

The rain were clearing, and the mountain light was incredible, making it all the more fun to go poking around this old abandoned camp. (Click on the picture for a bigger version.)

At one point we found ourselves walking across a marshy area hidden under field grasses.

I thought I was being clever when I made some joke about turpentine (the place is called the Turpin Tie Camp). But Cathy completely topped me when she asked if this was where they made Medicine Bow ties.

Lauren's mother has asked her to stop being so cute before someone gets hurt, but she just keeps doing it. There's nothing you can do but tell her she's adorable.

Friday: Big Hollow/Med Bow . . . Lake Marie . . . Reservoir . . . Turpin Tie Camp . . . Elk Mountain

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