Savage Canyon Expedition 2001: Photos

I now have pictures from three or four people. More keep coming in. As I get the time, I'll get them up on the Web as fast as I can.

First set is from Katie Archibald. (9/19/01)

Second A028_10.jpg and third A025_25.jpg sets are from Bill DeWitt, from the day we drove up and launched at Lee’s Ferry. (I think I’ve fixed these files so the links all work. Let me know if you have any problems navigating the photo sets. 9/20/01)

Fourth set is from Ed DeWitt, from our trip up Havasu Canyon—both hiking and, eventually, getting choppered out (9/22/01).

Fifth set is from Mary Sarah Bradley, including a stunning series of the little raft (10/4/01).

One more set is from Bill DeWitt, from launching us and picking us up (10/6/01).

Elizabeth DeWitt came in with a fine set, including one of Hilary Arnold holding the boat ashore all by herself (10/14/01).

This is all the Grand Canyon pictures I have been sent right now. I have a few more shots of my own to put up, and I expect a few more to come in over time from my mom. If anyone has any more to put up, feel free to send them over (I can give you instructions if you need them), and I’ll get them up on the site.

Bill DeWitt has posted 37 rolls from Mary Sarah Bradley on his site, which I will not duplicate here unless I suddenly get a huge streak of free time.

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